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These are the proceedings from meetings of the Open Space Institute.
  • Meeting Date: 15 Aug 2011

    This meeting was attempted to be held via Skype and the technology killed the meeting so there are no notes for this aborted meeting.

  • Meeting Date: 18 Jul 2011

    Present: Peggy, Harold, Ed, Barry, Doug, Lisa, Suzanne, Karen, Christine, Phelim, Lisa

    Absent: all were present

    Notes-taker: Lisa Heft


    Moment of silence, then individual check-ins.



    Annual Report Filing - Suzanne


    Thanks to Suzanne who has filed the report. She made copies of everything and also changed the address to her address. This can be changed if there is some other way it should read. Peggy’s instructions were very helpful.  


    Action: Harold will create a space for these items on the OSI-US website.  


    Discussion about the filing deadline - which is every year at the end of July - versus the officers’ election, which we did last in January. Because we did this, we do have a current group of officers. Doug recommended electing officers each January as a way to have time enough to do it - even giving us a few meetings if we need them to assemble a quorum for this task.


    Agreement: Elections will be each January or as soon thereafter as it is possible to meet as a full group.


    Logo - Peggy


    Everyone received the revised designs.  Some colors having been changed and ‘US’ has been added. If we are happy with the general look we can pick the color that works for us and the designer will give us a version that can be used for letterhead, website and other uses. Some discussion exploring how it looks for / is received by business and government folks - one of our interests in thinking about logos overall - as we share more about Open Space across different disciplines and an audience broader than people who already are familiar with Open Space. Some discussion about the color gradation working well, also the crispness that is probable in the completed version (versus the copies we are sharing for our mutual review). Discovery that there are not the same number of toes on each feet in the logo.


    Agreement to go with #8, thank and pay the designer, and live with it a little over time to see how it feels and settles in. 


    Agreement to have a smaller group work on this if further work is to be done.


    Action: Peggy will follow up with the designer. 


    Inviting Kai Degner to the Board - Lisa, Peggy


    Agreement: Kai would be a wonderful addition and that this is an exciting idea.


    Action: Peggy will contact him and will copy us on that.  be happy to do that and will copy everybody in the process of doing that. 


    OSI UK & WOSonOS 2012 - Phelim


    Phelim is trying to schedule getting out of rehearsals in New York to attend a few days of WOSonOS Chile in October - to make the invitation to the UK in 2012. Some discussion of Host Teams past present and future, the nature and tasks of their work, and their dynamics as teams.


    Using Skype for our monthly calls


    This call was a test of using Skype (plus conference call telephone line as needed) for our  monthly meeting. Much appreciation for Harold and Suzanne for setting up and helping us work with this technology before and during our meeting. This call had an additional challenge in that some were able to access Skype (from their desks, from being on the road) and some not - creating a need for use of dual technology (phone for most of us with the addition of Skype / screen for most of us - at the same time), which was a bit difficult with delay and sound factors. Bravo/a to all of us for 'hanging in there' during this good experiment.


    Closing word shower


    Gratitude    Perseverance    Excellence    Simplicity    Electricity    Birth    Trusting    Moving


    Next meeting time and date:


    Agreement: Next meeting Aug 15 same time of day / night.




    [Note from Lisa: remember our recommendation to ourselves during our April 2011 Board retreat to drop anything from the Bin that has not had movement for 3 months. The following Bin has not yet been adjusted to update as per this recommendation - perhaps this will be a good thing to quickly review at the start of our next meeting]


    Remaining in Bin:


    Logo - any updates? - Peggy


    Inviting Kai Degner to the Board - updates? - Peggy


    Haiti donation status 


    Bin Gardener Each Meeting (also discuss recommendation for 3 months' presence in the Bin for items)


    Next Meeting Time


    Downloadable audio for Understanding OS - Harold


    Learning Map - Harold


    Teleconference for OSI-US Membership in Feb/Mar 2010 - Harold


    Clarify the focusing question Open Space Manifest-ing - Harold 


    Convene call about the OS US Web site (Government w/Ed; Corp w/Suzanne) - Christine


    Schedule meeting to draft the Open Space Manifest-ing Invitation, design a process for inviting - Harold & Doug


    Host a clean-up of WIkipedia OST entry - Harold


    Revise the about page – Peggy, Harold & Lisa review


    What guidelines do we adopt for what per percentage of our funds go to any one project?



  • Meeting Date: 20 Jun 2011

    Present: Harold Shinsato, Barry Owen, Karen Davis, Lisa Heft, Suzanne Daigle, Doug Germann, Phelim McDermott, Ed LaBoy
    Absent: Peggy Holman

    Silent meditation - 2 minutes - 2:10 pm pacific

    Suzanne lead the meeting:

    Logo Meeting
    Peggy worked with the artist. Suzanne attended the meeting and enjoyed the conversation. We went over the different proposals that had been sent to each of the board members through email. The general consensus was towards the logo with six feet, the tribal version, although there was some concern that it looked a little busy.

    Haiti Donation
    The money was sent. Lisa will make an attempt at communicating with John Engle and Fremy.

    Skype Premium
    Skype Premium is purchased- anyone can use it just to test it even beyond OSI-US business. Just send a note out to list when you are going to use it.

    OSI-US Website
    Ed will convene a call about the OSI US website with a government focus. Suzanne will convene one with corporate as the focus. Several meetings so far have of meetings have been canceled so there is no progress to report.

    UK WOSonOS
    The organizers of the UK WOSonOS in 2012 are meeting tomorrow for the first wosonos steering committee. There is discussion of whether they form a UK OS Institute.

  • Meeting Date: 18 Apr 2011

    Board Notes — OSI-US, Thursday, 18 April 2011, 4:15– 5:15 PST

    Present: Christine, Karen, Doug, Suzanne, Ed and Lisa (briefly)

    Facilitator: Christine

    Notes taker: Suzanne

    There was a moment of silence followed by individual check-ins.

    1. First story, start providing content, with an invitational feel

    The intent was for Suzanne to publish a summary for the OS community of what transpired at our face-to-face retreat in Florida conveying the essence of our conversations. We wanted the write-up to have an invitational feel that would attract others everywhere (facilitators, groups and OS institutes) to join as we plan future initiatives and projects.  This write-up was posted on April 13, 2011.

    2. Purchase Skype Premium

    Harold purchased this on behalf of the board. We look forward to testing it at our next monthly board meeting.  Doug expressed he would like the opportunity to do a dry run from his location to confirm that it is working for him.

    3. Barry Owen to join the Board

    We were delighted to hear that Barry will be joining the Board.  Suzanne to follow-up on Peggy’s initial outreach to him explaining that we are in the process of choosing best day/time for future meetings and also to connect by phone as a way of making his first meeting as welcoming as possible.

    4.  More efficient meetings

    We agreed that an email will be sent out prior to our meetings to determine ahead of time who will be facilitating and who will be taking notes rather than discussing this at the actual meeting. A copy of the “bin” which serves as our basic agenda will also be sent. Suzanne to handle on a monthly basis.

    5. On Line Web presence

    Christine will be reaching out to Ed for government audience and Suzanne for corporate audience groups) as we seek to have tailored materials about Open Space for their needs.

    6.  Reimbursement by board members to cover expenses from face-to-face meeting

    Board members will cover part of the cost (food and a few miscellaneous expenses) ; the Board will assume the rest.  All members paid for  their own travel costs.

    7. Schedule meeting to draft the Open Space Minifesto-ing Invitation

    Doug has scheduled a meeting for Tuesday April 19th to discuss this initiative which is briefly described in the summary proceedings from our face-to-face Florida sessions.

    8. Revise the About page - Peggy, Harold and Lisa - 30 April 2011

    By way of email, Lisa has indicated that she sent a draft to Peggy and Harold and was suggesting that much of the text created for the Board welcome one-pager could be used for (also) the 'About' page.

    9. Next meeting (to be determined)

    Christine will be sending out a doodle to determine preferred time/date for our monthly meetings.

    Remaining Items in the Bin

    ·         Downloadable audio for understanding OS  Harold Shinsato

    ·         Learning Map Harold Shinsato

    ·         Bin Gardener Each Meeting

    ·         Host a clean-up of Wikepedia OST entry Harold Shinsato – 2 June 2011

    ·         On line web presence (Government - Ed; Corporate - Suzanne) Christine

    ·         Get a draft logo image  Peggy Holman – 30 April 2011

    ·         Revise the About page – Peggy, Harold and Lisa to review – 30 April 2011

  • Meeting Date: 04 Apr 2011




    2011 Annual Meeting Task Oriented Outcomes

    April 4, 2011


    We identified work in three broad thematic areas:

    • Grounding our purpose

    • Open Space Manifesto-ing
    • Resourcing Open Space

    The notes that follow describe key ideas and actions in each arena.

    A few incidentals, items for the bin, and our individual offerings are also below.

    • Purpose

    PURPOSE, as stated In our by-laws:

    The Open Space Institute(US) holds space for Open Space. Open Space Institute(US) serves by:

    • Providing access to resources on Open Space,
    • Connecting individuals and groups to inform, inspire, mentor, and sustain each other in opening and holding space, AND
    • Being an inclusive learning community.
    • What shorthand language brings us back to the energy of Harold’s picture?  E.g., Cultivating the community of practice/network or Connecting people who are opening space
    • Principle of simplicity: what are the trim tab activities?
      • Manifesto: Focusing question
      • Resources for different audiences to Open Space: Connecting the community (resources)
    • Next steps


    • Open Space Wo-Manifesting
      • Purpose: Create a credential without certification.  Legitimize without constricting.
      • Design a process that invites people to sign on to the manifesting and its creation
      • Next steps
        • Clarify a focusing question the manifesto
          • E.g., What does it mean to open space?
        • Design a process
        • Draft an invitation
        • On point: Harold & Doug
          • Thinking partners: Peggy, Lisa, Karen


    • Resourcing opening space
      • Purpose: Increasing accessibility to a variety of audiences
      • Develop materials for target audiences: e.g., corporations, communities, government agencies
        • Consider running contests to attract artwork, stories, other materials.
        • Establish a “go to” site for OS that works for these different audiences.
        • Create Open Space Institute Fellows
        • Market the materials as a revenue source for OSI-US
        • Note: the notes about designing an architecture are more wide-ranging as the discussion happened during the “what’s next” conversation.
        • Design an architecture – a rigorous and resilient frame
          • Fund it through an RFP process
          • Engage people who are passionate in their foresight
          • Share materials across institutes and world-wide groups
          • Be mindful of Christopher Alexander’s quality without a name
          • Bring old content (later)
            • AI practitioner – AI and OS issue
            • At Work issue
            • Stories, the OSI-US newsletter
          • Notes on stories/curation
            • With attribution
            • Ask questions that invite stories
          • Asset mapping
          • OS US Web site
            • Help us see who we are
            • A place for the living questions
          • First story, from Suzanne’s voice.  Start providing content, with an invitational feel – Suzanne (April 11)
            • Pay it forward
            • Praise it forward
            • Stories, from the inside out
            • Honoring the elders
          • Next steps
            • Convene call on OS US Web site
              • Governmental language
              • Corporate language
            • First story, start providing content, with an invitational feel
              • Pay it forward
              • Praise it forward
              • Stories, from the inside out
              • Honoring the elders
            • Wikipedia
    • Incidentals



    • Convene call on OS US Web site  - Christine (mid-April)
      • Governmental language – Christine and Ed
      • Corporate language – Christine and Suzanne
    • First story, start providing content, with an invitational feel – Suzanne (April 11)
    • Wikipedia – Harold  (start in early June)
    • Setting up a communication around manifesto-ing: inviting the question, opening to the community, process – Harold & Doug (schedule by April 11, conversation by May 1)
    • Ask Steven about creating an image for our logo (3 intersecting ripples) – Peggy (April 30)
    • Revise the about page – Peggy, Harold & Lisa review (Peggy - April 30)
    • Reach out to Barry Owen for the board, “draft the board packet” – Peggy  - April 30
    • Set up Skype for OSI-Board calls - Harold for next call
    • Reimburse for travel to/from board meeting - Harold



    Lisa’s offerings

    • Resources for different audiences, tools and concrete things, feedback on access (does it read for everyone? Is it universal lanague? Are we working across culture?)
    • Support for Fellows
    • Helping ID language, requirements for invitations, for requests we put out and that come to us
    • Materials development – look at how what we put out can be spun off for other memes.
    • “Contests” – language, why, wherefore, what you get, what’s it mean
    • Co-ownership – always having the other institutes at our side, including income generation


    Karen’s offerings

    • Reflecting, feedback on anything, everything
    • World-wide open space connections – with Harold


    Peggy’s offering

    • I’ll be a thinking partner
    • I’ll be here until I’m no longer needed


    Christine’s offerings

    • Steward the collection working on lanaguage for the web so that its appealing, inviting to all kinds of people
    • Thinking partner on other things.  If you need me ask.
    • I’m here until you no longer need me.


    Suzanne’s offerings

    • The invitaitnoal spirit of OS, all voices past, present, future
    • My approach speaking with vulnerability so that others feel they can speak their truth
    • Start with the story that tells about what the board has done, as an opening, guided by wise voices, that don’t quell my voice
    • Working on the corporate voice with Christine and others
    • Fellows – see where that leads, hear personal experiences of what that might mean based on what has meaning for them


    Harold’s offerings

    • The things I signed up for
    • Edge on OS Manafesting


    Doug’s offerings

    • Invite life and living into the community, inviting questions that invite life in both manifestoing and resourcing




  • Meeting Date: 03 Apr 2011


    2011 Annual Retreat - Inviting all Memes

    Host: Christine

    Attending: Peggy, Suzanne, Harold, Doug, Karen, Ed, Lisa



    Develop materials for target audiences: e.g., corporations, communities, government agencies.

    Consider running contests to attract artwork, stories, other materials.

    Establish a “go to” site for OS that works for these different audiences.

    Market the materials as a revenue source for OSI-US.


  • Meeting Date: 03 Apr 2011


    OSI-US Board Retreat 2011: Topic: Really %@$*&#^$)-y facilitated events that participants feel frustrated / unhappy / pushed  rushed / unproductive / upset etc. about that are called Open Space but really weren’t


    1) What does well prepared, well-facilitated, thoughtfully held Open Space offer to participants?


    2) What are the things you’ve seen / heard / noticed done by a facilitator that make it not Open Space (even when its called Open Space)?


    3) What are your feelings about that?


    4) What does it mean about our / OSI-US’s role / purpose / responsibilities?



    Discussed learning the basics of Open Space, and how to support the form plus the substance (as some forms enter popular culture - the form often stays without the substance). About how some people want to 'improve upon' Open Space. Or take just parts that do not hold together as form or process, but call it Open Space. Or rigidly hold to it.



    Have been in ‘Open Space’ events where the organizers did not set the container. You could not even have a marketplace. Although could see that it was well-intended and it was better than other events I have been in that were not done well.


    The real depth of what Harrison offers is so rich and juicy and it would be even more rich and juicy if people were doing the pre-work and understood the depth and understood the importance of ‘Maybe you need to get some training.  Maybe facilitation is something you learn over a lifetime.’ 


    What’s at the heart of Open Space - and the means of committing to that core as a pledge. A self-organizing, self-selection kind of quality about that.


    There is this thing we call Open Space Technology that’s solid. That’s been tested over time. Would like to preserve that core.

    All humans all have different perspectives - all look at same object differently. We all have a core of Open Space. We still have a core.


    Something that happened that started the Agile movement was a manifesto . 

    Co-create a manifesto about what is good core Open Space - invite co-creation, invite people who convene and facilitate Open Space to join this pledge.



    Explore archives for Appreciative Inquiry into Open Space session at 2004 WOSonOS in Goa. Explore also in archives 'what is Open Space and what is not'.


    Cannot imagine our community would create a police state with a ruling. But the flow of information about what creates good Open Space - thoughtfully planned and held Open Space - is something to share and something to know.  There is a lot aside from what is visible to the eye.  The same is true about facilitation in general. And also important to share is that there is indeed learning and wisdom to be shared, and some thinking, research and experience about that. Good to increase the flow of that knowledge about how to use and facilitate the dialogue method of Open Space.



  • Meeting Date: 02 Apr 2011

    2011 Annual Retreat - Tackling the Bin

    Host: Peggy

    Attending: Doug, Lisa, Karen, Christine, Ed, Suzanne, Harold


    Peggy asked: What do the items in the bin tell us about ourselves and our larger intentions that would help us handle it more effectively?



    Doug noted most of the stuff doesn’t have much energy, just stuff.

    Morphed into exploring the notion of an executive director – paid staff.

    That led to a juicy conversation on networked organizing models.  Suzanne described the lively way her organization works.  Project based, with young people doing work that excites them, supported with respectful, adult-adult mentoring.

    Harold spoke of another model of organizing --  Gangplank, Derek Neighbors.

    Later, Peggy mentioned Hacks and Hackers using and is taking off.



    The networked organization conversation led to the notion of “fellows”.  Lisa sparked the conversation.  The idea is we offer up invitations to contribute to Open Space by doing a project as an “OSI Fellow”.  The projects could come from us or from the person.  The fellowship provides a certain panache for acknowledging contribution or adding panache to a resume.  

    The fellowship lasts for a year and/or the length of a project.

    Two items we mentioned but didn’t resolve:

    • What criteria create a fertile container for being a fellow? (e.g., have done OS, are passionate about the project)
    • How might mentoring support fellows?  (Is being a mentor another form of fellowship?)



    We ended by looking at the specifics in the bin and agreed:

    • Every item has a name (or two) or is deleted
    • We’ll update the bin in real-time during OSI board meetings, with someone acting as the “bin gardener”
    • If an item hasn’t been touched in 3 months, it goes.  If someone wants to re-invigorate it, they can bring it back later.
    • A back-up idea: set a “work in progress limit”: only a set number of items can be in the bin.  If we reach capacity, something goes.
  • Meeting Date: 16 Mar 2011

    Board Notes — OSI-US, Thursday, 17 March 2011, 8:00–9:30 PST

    Present: Harold Peggy Lisa Doug Ed Phelim Suzanne

    Facilitator: Lisa

    Notes taker: Doug

    There was a moment of silence followed by individual check-ins.

    1. Teleconference:

    No further work was done on this; leave in bin.

    2. Downloadable Audio:

    Looking into options; leave in bin

    3. Learning Map:

    Work is progressing but seems to be slowing a bit.

    4. Online Web presence:

    There is a schedule for transferring the OSlist to our Website, and that is working out well; this will allow us to transition into a more active presence in the community.

    5. OpenGov:

    About 30 events will happen. GovLoop has been helping and might be a container. Most of what remains is about technology and data.


    Drop from bin.

    6. Mikk Sarv:

    We have not heard back from him for help with the book.

    7. Gift letter:

    Time for us to make our contributions

    8. Loan support:

    Keep in bin

    9.  home for osi-us papers hard and soft copies
    We have a bunch of this stuff;
    Soft: perhaps Harold could create a space for it
    Basecamp has a place for files
    Perhaps have it a couple of places
    Could bring to face to face

    10. Finance

    ask Harold to bring update to face to face

    11. Online bookstore:

    Leave in bin

    12. Potential for strategic collaboration:

    Keep in bin

    13. Purpose of Board:

    Good thing for the face to face meeting.

    14. Privacy issues:

    Keep in bin

    15. Next meeting time:

    May call: 19 May, usual time

    16: Face to Face Board meeting:

    A fair amount of our time was spent on logistics for this meeting.

    The meeting adjourned following check outs.

  • Meeting Date: 17 Feb 2011

    Board Notes — OSI-US, Thursday, 17 February 2011, 8:00–9:30 PST

    Present: Peggy Holman, Douglas Germann, Harold Shinsato, Phelim McDermott, Karen Davis, Ed LaBoy(late)

    Absent: Lisa Heft, Suzanne Daigle, Christine Whitney-Sanchez

    Facilitators: Peggy Holman

    Notetaker: Harold Shinsato There was a moment of silence followed by individual check-ins. 1. Mikk Sarv Karen will touch base with Lisa to find out how things are with Mikk Sarv and if we can help him with his book. The general consensus was that giving to him only because of his personal tragedy wasn't in alignment with our purpose, but that giving to him to help him produce his book would be. The board authorized to give $250 to Mikk to help him with his computer to produce his book if he still needs assistance there. 2. Face to Face board Meeting Apr 2-3-4

    Phelim won't be able to make it out to Florida - he might have time to call in. Karen, Doug, Ed, and Christine have their reservations. Karen is arriving the afternoon of Friday, leaving mid-afternoon Monday. Suzanne has info of our comings and goings and our lodging needs. 3. Gift Letter Status

    We have received $1445 so far. Phelim said having paypal made it easy to donate. Harold will send out a letter to our database. We will send out another letter to OSList in a week or so. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website. Phelim used a site like that in the UK with a target of 5000 pounds. Money doesn't go through unless you hit the target within the time slot and it worked to raise the needed funds. Phelim was impressed with how it worked. Another example is 4. Teleconference for OSI-US Membership Feb/Mar 2010

    This is not happening in February. Hopefully in March. Karen reported that there is already a group speaking about getting the Open Space Institutes talking to each other. Karen is willing to get me into the conversation. Harold may move the teleconference out past March. 5. WOSonOS 2012

    Phelim asked for support on how they've been organizing the WOSonOS in England in 2012 which is well under way. There is a tension between letting other groups provide leadership and hosting, and ensuring the quality of the facilitation. 6. Open Space Web Presence and Identity

    The board authorized Harold to buy for the oslist.

    Next meeting: April 1-3 in Sarasota Florida Next monthly call: April 21 8am PDT, 9am MDT, 11am EDT, 4pm GMT (3pm if summer time changed). Call in number is 218-339-4300, code 934546#

    The "Bin" - Mikk Sarv Benefit - Karen Davis - Face-to-Face Board meeting April 2-3-4, Florida - Gift letter status - Teleconference for OSI-US Membership in Feb/Mar 2011 - Harold Shinsato - Downloadable audio for Understanding OS - Harold Shinsato - Update on U.S. OpenGov Innovation Summits - Lisa Heft - Privacy Issues - Virtual Open Space Possibilities - Gabriela Ender's OST Software - Harold Shinsato - Learning Map - Harold Shinsato - Finances - Purpose of Boards - Loan support - Karen Davis - Home for OSI-US "papers" - hard and soft copies - Peggy Holman - Online Bookstore - Potential for Strategic Collaboration in Open Space Community - Online Web Presence and Identity 


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