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These are the proceedings from meetings of the Open Space Institute.
  • Meeting Date: 14 Nov 2016

    In attendance: Karen Davis, Harold Shinsato, Linda Stevens

    We have additional videos for OST testimonials. Four more in store.

    High Performance & Practice of Peace

    We discussed the 2017 Opening Space for High Performance and the Practice of Peace next January in NYC at International House. We will get the event posted on the website. We are offering several discount levels based on conversations with Karen Davis to allow for discount codes. Fifty percent off, free, and food only prices. Those interested in accomodations for Internation House, please contact Karen. The room rate is higher rate than last year. $165 a night.

    December Board Meeting

    We are moving it to December 12. This will also be our Annual Membership Meeting as required by the State of Washington for membership based non-profit corporations.

    Low attendance

    We will look at what we need to be doing to have another level of commitment.

  • Meeting Date: 17 Oct 2016
    OSI Board Meeting: October 17, 2016
    Participants: Karen, Linda, Harold, Tricia
    Moment of Silence and Check – in
    Discussion Topics:
    Karen will get in touch with Harold about the review of the finances for the January 2017 event at International House. 
    Tricia will review the song We Are the World and email it to Board members. 
    Since the world has gone video, Harold suggested to include more OS video taped testimonials on the OSI website and will ask Suzanne about promoting those at the upcoming WOSonOS in Manila. Board members are encouraged to also provide some video testimonials. 
    Harold and Tricia will be introducing the possibility of video taping to tomorrow’s OS Hotline. Another possibility for video taping is to hold informal conversations with small groups to talk about OS, OS and Agile, or about anything connected to OS such what’s the best way to close the space or what’s powerful about “invitation.” Any topics are welcome and could be video taped using the OS Zoom account; Harold can give out the password or send a URL, but please send out an email letting the rest of the Board know when you’re using the account. 
    Linda offered to poll Board members about the next meeting date which is scheduled the week of Thanksgiving – please see below.
    Next Meeting: Scheduled for Monday, November 21, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. EDT.


  • Meeting Date: 26 Sep 2016

    4:35pm edt start

    Harold, Karen, Tricia, Linda, Kevin

    - Changing the meeting date/time

    I like having it start before 5pm. I'm already starting dinner, hard to remember. How is the day of the week for me. Monday is fine. Starting before 5pm is more convenient. We were starting later because Karen was in a class. That was the earliest on a Monday. Let's move to 4pm on Mondays. It works for everyone.

    - High Performance & Practice of Peace 2017 open space at International House

    Karen is giving an update. The price is going up somewhat for the rooms, but not that much. This year will be ok. We have to have a greeter, so people go to the right place. That was a requirement. Our total this year will be $3000, rather than $2200. And a $650 deposit, either check or Karen will pay by credit card and be reimbursed. A single with no tax is $165. With 2 people $185. That's a jump from $135 or something. And there are suites, and that price has gone up for participants. They are holding all their rooms for us, and we will have to release them. They no longer give a discount for non-profits. The price is the same. And the rate on the guest rooms is a group rate. We already have someone who wants ot make a reservation. Suzanne is working on the invitation. That should be ready to go within another week or so. The food rate has not gone up. Suzanne will be helping with the invitations but she won't be attending. But she is committed other than organizing the housing. Karen will have a clarifying meeting with International House on Wednesday.

    Harold Shinsato moved that Karen J. Davis be the official authorized representative of the Open Space Institute - U.S. in interactions with International House. Tricia Chirumbole seconded. All approved, the motion passed.

    - Status on Testimonial Video Gathering

    Harold will add the guidelines for the videos on the website, and the YouTube channel. We have 3 videos so far.

    - Board Membership Transparency

    There is no upper limit in the by-laws for the board membership. We have to have 3 officers. We already

    - Vision and Mission of OSI-US

    We talked about the mission, and came up with something that might be more effective, which is "Holding space for Open Space in support of the evolution of human consciousness worldwide." We'll revisit this and continue to sit the question. I want to be able to communicate to further the mission, but what is our mission. What was being encouraged within the entity/framework of the Open Space Institute?

  • Meeting Date: 18 Aug 2016

    OSI-US Board Proceedings - August 18, 2016

    Attendees: Daniel Mezick, Harold Shinsato, Tricia Chirumbole

    1. Reviewed Google doc for Suzanne homage. We will collaboratively contribute. Send Suzanne a pdf and ask her if she wants a mailed document.
    2. Mission – Harold on ticket
    3. Harold is authorized to release funds of approximately $250 to support a QiqoChat for a South American Agile User group to hold an online open space.
    4. Edit the invite doc outlining the offering to support projects and the criteria. Harold makes the criteria publicly available.
    5. Mission - Collaboration
    • Reviewing the definition of inviting, open space, defining, traditional mission statement, learning from others. DO not like the current mission, not clear enough for general public.
    • Not sure how to change now, reviewed the possibility of an open circle
    • Reference the definition OST – Harrison Owen book.
    • Holding space for open space is stale or smells funny: learning, research and practice.
    • We discussed (but did not agree on) this possible purpose: subverting illegitimate authority in support of the evolution of human consciousness worldwide.


  • Meeting Date: 20 Jun 2016

    Board Meeting Proceedings from June 20, 2016

    Attendees: Tricia Chirumbole, Harold Shinsato, Karen Davis


    • Suzanne’s departure
      Expanding board – thinking about board members, how we would like to invite people. What are the needs in terms of the institute.
      Could invite people to come to annual meeting or invite via ask letter; exhibiting commitment; maybe consider putting out a call when revisiting mission. 
      Classify Suzanne as emeritus – consensus
    • Open Space CDs
      Charge or not charge? collect emails, membership downloads
    • Mission/vision – touch on it
      More relevant questions – involve some new people
      Invite the community in on dialogue about the mission of the OSI and let whatever happens happen
      Talk to Peggy & Lisa about talking to Michael Pannwitz about using the OS World Map
      Incorporate Google calendar from Michael Hermann on – have to talk to Michael or other calendar guardian
    • Engaging OS community
      Invite a conversation about what are the questions that are most alive right now – looking at mission of OSI and including the concerns of the whole community
      Help guide the OSI to reflect the community
      What would you like your role to be for holding space for Open Space?
      What is open space, what is space, what is open space technology? – need to be asked again in a deep way.
      Living document, rather than forcing a false consensus
      OSI board seed questions and ask the community to help build the mission of OSI
      Also have board members ask questions about these topics and record them and make them available; what are the most important questions for this community, what do you think about them?
      Harold will ask question to board and ask Peggy & others about how to launch open space practitioner map.
      Respond within the next week if possible – Harold will post on os list and FB and linkedin.
      Thinking about new members – everyone think about new possible members
      Heart trust    
  • Meeting Date: 16 May 2016

    OSI Board Proceedings May 16, 2016 - 5:30-7pm edt

    Attending: Tricia, Kevin, Karen, Linda and Suzanne

    Moment of Silence followed by Check-in

    1. Meeting starts with an acknowledgment of the newly elected Board; this was their first meeting in their new roles though indeed hierarchy does not drive our conversations.
    2. Karen Davis updates us on management changes at International House.
      • She has established communications with the new team, providing background information related to the logistic and costs of our annual event as most people are new.
      • Costs will be us: Not known exactly what the new costs will be though it is certain that there will be price increases on hotel rooms, meeting room rental and food.
      • The 2017 Open Space at International House is scheduled for January 13 to the 15th
      • Expected that we will be required to put a deposit soon (it seems that the deposit would be reimbursed assuming we meet their notice periods in the event our gathering did not take place.
      • A vote was taken by the Board to grant authority to place a deposit from our OSI US funds – proposed by Tricia, seconded by Kevin; All approved; Karen recused herself due to possible conflict of interest as she is the official organizer/host.

    3. The Board then proceeded to review together the excellent document draft that Harold submitted which provide “guidelines for working with the Institute as a 501(c)(3)”
      • Agreement that we want to move this work forward as quickly as possible assuring that it is broadly communicated.
      • That said we also want to assure that the intent of the language is well understood and that it reflects the purpose and mission of OSI US
      • A suggestion was made that once we’ve agreed on any addition, edits and revisions, that it be sent to our Emeritus Members (Peggy, Lisa, Christine and Doug) for their input reflecting history and any legal considerations.
  • Meeting Date: 18 Apr 2016

    Board Proceedings 18 April 2016

    In attendance were Karen J. Davis, Tricia Chirumbole, Suzanne Daigle, Linda Stevens, Harold Shinsato, and Kevin O'Brien.

    New Officers

    Newly elected president, Tricia Chirumbole;
    Harold Shinsato who continues to serve as treasurer;
    Karen Davis as secretary;
    Kevin O'Brien, vice president.

  • Meeting Date: 21 Mar 2016

    Board Proceedings from 21 March 2016

    In attendance were Karen J. Davis, Harold Shinsato, and Tricia Chirumbole


    - Peace and High Performance 2016
    - OSI Purpose
    - Replace President
    - OS Definition/Description

    Peace & High Performance

    Good news - a little over $2K surplus. One of the things in the future - looking more at what that means for us financially. What do we want to do with that?

    The research piece is the really important one to regroup on. I like the idea of putting the money into that. For Karen. There was much more time and energy put in this year than in the past. I'm hoping in the future not to putting in as much effort. Liked that it is what the OSI is about.

    Tricia - Great to hear that we made a profit. Like what I am hearing about potential ways to move forward with that. Proceeds from the event. Did you envision as something collectively held by the OSI? Is there other support you hope for in the future?

    Karen - In terms of original - there were a couple of us who just felt it was important for people to get together to learn about Open Space. There was never the intent of making money. We lost money. And often what was happening, split it among Harrison and Debora Gilbert and Ralph Copelman. That was never more than a couple hundred. These last two years we have been making some. More people are able to pay. A place where people may not have another opportunity. There was a lot of underwriting of people participating. There was a shift in the financial side of it. In terms of the time and energy, our getting the registration up and in the way that it was clear and understood and not duplicating efforts. There is an effort to support people finding places to stay, working around people being here. That was taking a lot of energy in juggling. There are the decisions that need to be made in terms of the contract and the agreements with International House and the catering operations. There were new variables for a new vendor. And a new leadership in International House. When we may have the space next time. We have to wait until July or August to confirm the dates. International House has preferences. Hold the faith and hold the vision. We're beginning to work out - this being the second year in a collaborative way.

    The technology added this year - to get information needed - had to go to 2-4 different places instead of it all being together.

    OSI Purpose

    Maybe engage some people in research. Paul Levy. He is associated with a University. There are definitely some other people interested.

    In depth interviews. Various things with it. For whatever reasons - large clients. They're not really statistically sample sizes in the commercial or public sector for everything they do. Focus groups. Open Space. Innovation section. Iterative processes. More for integrating large numbers of stakeholders products. We'll do coding for meaning making. You code them and group them. And then summary statistics.

    Larry Peterson - had to do with research. One of the earliest Doctoral Dissertations.

    Possibly convene a conversation with people on the OSList. A research conversation.

    Maybe have brochures available for Agile 2016

    Karen - have some individual dialogs with other people on the board. Even have another look for when to commit to meet together to continue this conversation.

    Conversation - kick off the open space hotline- invite the people to talk for 2-5 minutes. Ask a few key people. Michael Hermann started getting on. It's a good idea. It could even be monthly.

    Sweet note from Marie Nelson. How much she valued coming on the hotline even if she hasn't been there.

    Replace the President

    Although Suzanne Daigle has wanted to step down as president, we did not feel we had sufficient attendance to address this.

    OST - Description/Definition

    Authority - don't think we should have the authority to define Open Space. We should find a way to co-create it with the community. Identify our purpose.

    Doesn't have to be a convergent description.
    Can be divergent.
    A More Beautiful Question.

    If we could include in the conversation - questioning the lower case "open space".

    On the hotline - has the thing about purpose.

  • Meeting Date: 16 Nov 2015

    In attendance: Suzanne Daigle, Linda Stevens, Karen Davis, Kevin O'Brien, Daniel Mezick, Harold Shinsato

    There was small attendance at the last meeting.

    Drop in birthday party

    We did a dry run with Harrison Owen, Lucas Cioffe, and Michael Herman. Harrison didn't stay long. They were able to do a bit of online art together. Lucas and Michael have been charming to work with. It went smoothly and quickly, announcement went out. Suzanne has sent out personal invitations over the weekend. Anne Stadler got really involved. Lucas is really appreciative that we're able to test this. We are going to send a cheat sheet and a reminder. I've been getting lovely notes from around the world. There are some other people, put the International House event together. A little request, Lucas never brought any of this up. If we get 100 people, different times in the day. Can I help the OSI to help out. It's a big event. Well, if they'd like to give $50. We vote to send up to $200 expenses.

    International House

    Susan Baskerfield - had a lengthy chat about Frederik Laloux's work. Suzanne suggested she just come to New York. Susan just wanted to know more about the housing. Suzanne spoke to a number of others. For registration information, she will wait until she get the registration page link. It will be Martin Luther King weekend as ususal.

    This gets very complicated. International House needs to know each person in each room. Handling the logistics of that is a bit challenging. Suzanne is willing to take that on like she did last year. We don't have International House information on the invitation. Karen holds the full financial responsibility to provide support to anyone who has limited financial ability. Karen can use discounting and even making the event free at her discretion. Be sure you cover your costs. Karen's not doing that to make money. If we have more than 45 people, then we could shift to another space. Then it costs $3000 a day. We accidentally got access to that room one year. Those are issues that are up in the air.

    Have a face to face after the International House event. Suzanne mentioned how exhausted we all were after the last event. We decided not to hold one.


    Lucas offered QiqoChat for online Open Space events. We could use it for conversations with Anne Stadler, as Suzanne Daigle suggested for a "front porch chat" format. Regular occasions until we have qiqochat 24/7. That's part of Lucas' vision. If you have an annual meeting and use QiqoChat - it gives us an opportunity to use it.

  • Meeting Date: 18 Oct 2015

    ParticipantsSuzanne, Linda, Tricia

    Note Taker:  Linda

    Bin Gardener:  Suzanne

    Moment of Silence and Check – in


    Discussion Topics:

    1.    IRS and State of Washington Forms

    The IRS sent (via Peggy) a form, and Suzanne contacted both the IRS and the State of Washington to assure that she was sending the right information needed to maintain our nonprofit status and sent back the form via registered mail.

    2.    January 2016 at International House – January 15th – 17th

    International House for January 2016 is confirmed for High Performance and the Practice of Peace including rooms for lodging. Interested attendees are already showing up.

    3.    Informal discussions about a host of topics including OSI US, Hotline and hopes and dreams about Open Space in general.

    Without the necessary quorum, no decisions were made. 

    Next Meeting:  Monday, November 16, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. EST.


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