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These are the proceedings from meetings of the Open Space Institute.
  • Meeting Date: 11 Dec 2017

    These are the proceedings from our Annual Membership Meeting for 2017, held December 11, 2017 from 6-8pm Eastern on The full original proceedings can be accessed by browsing through qiqochat itself, here:

    The theme was: "How to Open Space? Whenever, Wherever, Whoever"

    Theme: How to Hold Space for Open Space?

    6:00pm EST - Arriving - Settling In
    6:10pm EST - Introduction
    6:20pm EST - Opening Ceremony - Marketplace - etc.
    6:40pm EST - Session 1
    7:00pm EST - Session 2
    7:20pm EST - Session 3
    7:40pm EST - Closing
    Thank you video (2.5 minutes) for Suzanne Daigle
    Extended video (6 minutes) 


    Session 1 (6:30-6:50pm EST):

        Table 1: [Head Heart Gut … Creating Open Spaces for the emotional response to transform intention into action. ] - [Vic Desotelle]
        Table 2: [Open Space in Work and Problem Solving] - [Jon Jorgensen]

    Session 2 (6:50-7:10pm EST):

        Table 1: [EXTENDED FROM SESSION 1]
        Table 2: [EXTENDED FROM SESSION 2]
        Table 3: [What is the Open Space Institute - How can we help?] - [Tom Brown] 

    Session 3 (7:10-7:30pm EST):

        Table 1: [International House _ The Magic of It  - Help us Invite] - [Suzanne Daigle]
        Table 2: [Ideas on new projects on initiatives that you would recommend for OSI-US? Or hotline thoughts ] - [Tricia Chirumbole]

    Closing (7:30-8:00pm EST)

    In Attendance

    Harold Shinsato, Paul Levy, Karen Davis, Mark Sheffield, Stuart Turner, Tricia Chirumbole, Doug Marteinsson, Suzanne Daigle, Kevin O'Brien, Jon Jorgensen, Vic Desotelle, Skye Hirst, Tom Brown

    Session 1 Table 1

    Head Heart Gut … Creating Open Spaces for the emotional response to transform intention into action

    Attendees: Vic Desotelle, Skye Hirst, Kevin O'Brien, Harold Shinsato, Tricia Chirumbole, Doug Marteinson, Karen Davis

    We had two meetings for a while - one at the main table - and one at Table 1
    We have a model of Head/Heart - highly informed, or highly compassionating.
    We leave out the gut, the emotional response, that we spend a lot of time managing.
    Vic has been doing a lot of work with this using Restorative Justice, specifically in places in worship where there has been child sexual abuse - instead of just heady - but in environments where people safely express themselves. Not just release but use the negative feeling energy to create positive change in the world.
    Heart Brain (Institute of Heart Math)
    The research shows that the heart sends more signal to the brain, and it determines it's own way of beating. A regular rhythm communicates to t
    Enteric Brain (gut)
    The whole body informs the decision making process. In Open Space you honor the role of the body in making such decisions.
    In the basis of the whole body iknowing - is this my time - does this feel right to me? Whole body leadership is encouraged in Open Space.
    Dr. Umbright - initiated Restorative Justice work - there is a legal aspect to bringing the bad guy - horrific stuff - heavy duty. Like with murders. Or sex abuse. That's possible, but there are softer collaborative processes for survivors or victims of abuse. This could go well beyond sexual abuse. One out of every 4 women are sexual abused, and one out of five men. If we could just heal that - in Open Space healing environment.
    Invitation - what to invite and who to invite
    An invitation can be to talk but also to take action
    Need to trust the potential of self-organising human beings
    Do facilitators need to truly get out of the way?
    Head (thinking), heart (feeling/emotion), gut (the will/doing)
    Tip: Don't over-engineer your desired outcome (whatever your good intentions)

    Session 2 Table 1

    What is the Open Space Institute - How can we help?

    Initiator Tom Brown

    Session 1 Table 2

    Open Space in Work and Problem Solving

    Initiator: Jon Jorgensen

    Interested in how Open Space can be used in knowledge work. Would like to see more of it. - specifically in software industry, finance.  Human interactions - super important to productivity.  Problems in project mgt and product dev.  A growing schism of Agile Practitionners who are agile / others not.  From outside looking in - non agilist are more tolerant than the Agilists. Maybe Open Space can bring us together.

    Factions are forming and there's not much open communications about it. Folks speaks in their own faction about the other faction.  Frustrating, Jon... "I don't belong to either faction."

    When reading Jon's public writings Suzanne sees the power of Scrum and Agile in the world.  So appreciative of the work that has preceded.  The agile principles and values that are making an impact. Agile and Scrum have so much to offer beyond technology.

    It is sad to see the lack of invitation.  I support this topic.

    Jon lives in Omaha... grateful. Talks about staying in a B&B as he works with his client. What's great is that at night he has a place to come home to. His host used to work for that company - quite bureaucratic. His experience of the Agile community is that they are completely unconcerned about having a forecast for when a project will be done. When he asks, he is dismissed. You don't know what Agile is. and told he is a nuisance and go away.  He is a VP, not there to impose a structure.  He's been asked by his CEO to inquire.  As he asking basic simple things, to these agilists, these questions are dim-witted.  From his perspective, he just wants it to go away. He feels Agile is worse than Waterfall. I can't deny that says Jon, about the ridicule and lack of introspection and unwillingness to come to the table - it's worse than dismaying.  Abysmall  I don't think our Agile community is willing to deliver.  Disbelief.

    Where do you go from there. The underlying principles of OS and Agile should produce good work together.  I realize the battle of words that is not conducive to the good work that is out there. This "us" and "them" attitude (agree with you on Agile side. I think there are valid reasons to use waterfall if you know what to do.

    On the encouraging side, met an Adjunct Professor at Columbia - 9 students - She has invited me to be an Agile coach to that team in that context. University not yet convince, but discussion on-going. Not in a strictly software environment - also in a theatre environment - also hierarchical.  Devoted and Disgruntled (Phelim McDermott) in the UK - using an iterative way of doing things - young people seekng this.  Started pulling Scrum and Agile ways and they said yes, let's do it that way.

    Principles and Values - lethargy (Harrison might say) versus the doctrine and dogma. Putting it into practice. It is being budchered horrible. The church is corrupty when ? is valie. Misapplying what they're learning. So much vitriol in the community - if there is not enough people that want to resolve, I will just continue to ply my trade. Right now Agilists have the political upper hand. There will be a snap back.

    What I hear you describing is a very closed space - lots of conflict there for various reasons. It could be virtually any situation with lots of emotions on both sides. Spaces closed and keeping spaces closes.

    How can we advance the idea to open space and get to real problem solving.

    I've asked myself that. I can take what I believe (principles in Agile Manifesto) and take that to the mgt community (like a PMI chapter).  I don't know what will happen when I do.  There are invitations I've received in PMI.  That's probably the extend of what I can do in my part of the world.

    What about the others?  Do you face those situations where you want to open more space?

    Yes it's the same around the world.  Something I've been working on for 15 years. Firstly trying to see or discover on something I saw as a massive step forward and wanting to suggest it to a colleague and upset that they weren't getting. Thinking they may be incapable. Had a journey on why. Still now have real problems with senior people in organizations - past experience need to be experts. any sort of help is diminishing their status  Edward Schin's books ?  and Humlbing Inquiry.

    Opening the space... asking..

    The problem is Control - the opposite is Trust. How do you build that trust so they can loosen. Scared to death if they let go control. They don't realize what can happen.

    1. Suzanne's perception when reading online, feels a huge criticism in the community, what people are doing wrong "ScrumBut" or even deeper than that.  I feel very intimidate to do anything.  In AZ in 2010 Tobias Mayer hosted the first Scrum Beyond Software, I was opening space, as nervous as heck.  There was a lot of unity.  I feel so troubled by this.  I feel there are amazing people in the agile community.  I live in the other world.  I thought, and the geeks and nerds are different and proud to be different.  They blasted the gates off a lot of stuff.  Who wants to play and get around the boardroom table and understand what the real issues are.  We collude to put them on pedistals.  It's a big mess.

    What do we do about that.  If you're somewhat tolerant, that some people are still in the waterfall space.

    I was a controlling manager once, and you think you're doing the right thing.  If we were inviting people, and the theme was a real issue, I trust that one day if it's Open Space, it will start gaining power.  Focus on Change and providing dignity to people doing the work.

    I did agile with 50 people at WOSINOSIS we worked as a project all day, called Harold.  The leaders were so anxious, because they were freaked out did know agile.  They had a lot of fun.   I put head and heart into it.  I was scared not to represent it well.  Those people were so greatful.  I had this thing called "Team Up" I put all their faces there, I elevated the agile community.  I said take the manifesto, let's go out there and lets make a difference.  I've never admitted the distress, and I'm too scared to.

    It is disconcerting. Thank you for being authentic. YOu are going to have a bit impact on those people in Germany.  Mural of who the Pioneers were. Cool...!  Going outside of It. I would suspect that there are many people that feel the same way, terrorized the tribes of Agile, Non Agile.

    Maybe inviting people in Open Space to talk about this. We can talk about the ominious responsibility to be an Ambassador.  It's not easy to convey.  I'm an Agile Coach - this is what is helping me put my kids through school.

    I've been upset by people calling me touchy-feely.  Harold... saved me.

    I'm very excited about something. I've been hoping to work with you because I've not seen anything to be looking at this from a different perspective (constellation). So many of the wonderful things i have learned have been with the Agile communty. Feel strongly that the work we are doing in the Agile community is important to the human species, heart, gut, brain.  (the other session also went to amazing direction). there is somethnig about bringing this to other communities without losing relevance, very complex, not being aware of our responsibility coming from or not coming from that space. Being Open Space was a seminal experience - people were there at Gangplank.

    Shifting the Effort/Reward Ratio of Science  paper by the Friends of Science

    Funding is not always going to the research that it should go to.

    That event was after the GangPlank one.

    They are vicious in Science, because they are proud of not being like everyone else.   Not like capitalists, etc.

    The Technology community. -GangPlank came to Washington, NYC.

    The Scientists respected the technologists.

    Being authentic about talking about this....I would beg you to call me to talk about this.

    I'm not really good about conflict.  But, I know the format of Open Space, that we need to get things ready, organized about producing value by holding space.

    I'm no hot shot, but used to working with leaders, I've never had a conversation like tonight.

    There's too much need.  We need to figure out ways to partner together.  

    It's bringing hierarchies together.

    The leaders.  Ghanda said first they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they embrace you.

    Sometime it drives you crazy.

    You might take a look at Open Space Agile.

    I think we can do things together. If we collaborate on what's possible. Just getting the word out, people can respond. This awesome conversation. 

    Ideas on new projects on initiatives that you would recommend for OSI-US? Or hotline thoughts

    Session 3 Table 2

    Initiator Tricia Chirumbole

    Some conversations about the Open Space Institute

    Tricia introduces what is OSI - US and the projects that it supports, as well as inviting ideas about what initiatives the group would like to see supported under the theme of "holding space for open space"

    Group agreed the community would benefit from a well-developed and publicly available resource that described Open Space, and that videos and a curated video repository, possibly including one or more done in graphic recording style would be valuable.

    Harold shared that there may be a place for Research into the Open Space. Brene' Brown's work offers a formal research method called Grounded Theory.

    The Book The Power of Eight has an outline a new way to do research.



  • Meeting Date: 30 Oct 2017

    In attendance were Mark Sheffield, Karen Davis, Harold Shinsato, Kevin O'Brien, Tricia Chirumbole, and Linda Stevens.

    We worked on the thank you song for Suzanne Daigle.

  • Meeting Date: 28 Aug 2017

    Board: Harold, Karen, Kevin, Linda
    Guests: Mark Sheffield

    Suzanne's Gift

    We worked on the song for Suzanne Daigle.

    Peace & High Perf 2018

    Karen Davis reported they are signing the contract. It will be slightly less for 2018 that it was for 2017. Friday Saturday Sunday January 13-14-15. Price for food might change. We're working on an invite right now. Hopefully before the next board. Suzanne and Karen are working on the first draft. Suzanne is intending to come. She's already inviting folks. Kevin will send out a "save the date" email to OSList.

    New Members

    Mark Sheffield will join if he comes Next Meeting September 18, 7:30pm edt.

    Clarity on Board Membership

    Board members are voted onto the board every year according to our by-laws. In practice we are not actually voting. We say whether we want to recommit and prompting people. People don't have the time to commit. So that we use it to prompt ourselves. Not voting individually or en-mass.

    We adjusted the website about page to invite people to come to meetings and that is a great way to join the board.

    OSA Con

    September 6 - four hour online Open Space that starts with one keynote. David Snowden, originator of Cynefin, will be the opening keynote. There will be proceedings, but not necessarily a recording.


    "Leadership is holding the space for others brilliance."
    "The best leaders are the best teachers."

  • Meeting Date: 17 Jul 2017

    Started at 2pm mountain with a minute of silence

    In attendance: Kevin O'Brien, Linda Stevens, Harold Shinsato, Tricia Chirumbole, Karen Davis

    Tricia facilitated the meeting. Harold took notes.

    Suzanne's Emeritus Gift

    Suzanne was president of the OSI for a long time. A wonderful force. Provide some kind of gift. We decided to get creative and we've employed a Graphic Recorder, April Doner. Create video. With our own Open Space inspired version of We Are the World. Just before our call, Harold put together a google doc. We spent an hour on an homage wording for a previous board member. A final wording was agreed upon. We'll ask the artist.

    New Board Members

    Have people attend for three meetings before we invite them on. All agreed on this as the new policy for inviting new board member. Mark Sheffield. Tricia met him at Agile Coach Camp 2015 at D.C. Mark is interested in Open Space in the U.S. and around the world and to be able to provide input over time.

    We have consistently sent invitations to say new board members are welcome. We don't need to reinvent the invitation process. There are many discussions online about the board and it's function, as well as some background about our mission and the invitation is on our website.

  • Meeting Date: 19 Jun 2017

    In attendance: Tricia Chirumbole, Harold Shinsato, Linda Stevens, Karen Davis.

    We began with 2 minutes silence followed by checkins.

    We discussed the honorary gift for Suzanne Daigle. Tricia will provide a version of the "script"


    Mark Retig attended the OSHotline. He expressed interest in an online Open Space about multi stakeholder facilitation and facilitator sustainability.

    Peace and High Performance 2018

    We brainstormed who we might invite instead of Harrison Owen to International House: Bernie Sanders, Dalai Lama, Peggy Holman, Chris Corrigan, Glen Winkle, Anne Stadler, Paul Levy. More possibilities from outside the Open Space community could include a peacemaker, celebrity, musician, peaceworker, a child's perspective, elder perspective, refugee, dreamer, rainbow connection, MLK theme person, a scientist (e.g. Jane Goodall). Karen will ask Harrison who we should ask.

  • Meeting Date: 23 May 2017

    In attendance: Harold Shinsato, Tricia Chirumbole, Kevin O'Brien, Karen Davis
    Guest: April Doner

    A Gift for Suzanne Daigle

    We talked about hiring April Doner to help produce a short video thanking Suzanne Daigle for her service. She would do some kind of graphic recording. The magical thing about graphic recording you are part of the process of what is created [This was a secret at the time and is being documented in the minutes well after the fact.]

    Understanding Open Space CD's

    Harrison Owen has cleared the possibility to release the Understanding Open Space audio program, which used to be available for purchase as a 5 CD set, in a free form online. It will take some work to produce a podcast on iTunes. Harold expressed the preference that this be part of a benefit for being a member. There was no final agreement.

    Opening Space for Peace and High Performance 2018

    Karen renegotiated the price in International House to be the same as last year and is working for a contract for 2018.

    Next Meeting - June 19 4pm edt

  • Meeting Date: 12 Dec 2016

    These Board minutes are the Proceedings of the Annual Membership Meeting held simultaneous with our board meeting.


    How to Open Space? Whenever, Wherever, Whoever

    In attendance

    Doug Marteinson
    Linda Stevenson
    Harold Shinsato
    Suzanne Daigle
    Mark Sheffield
    Charlie Colpitts - scrum master - complex adaptive systems applied to teams. Best fit for encouraging emerging behavior in complexity science. Analogies and flocking behavior. Finding techniques for leadership as an emergent behavior as teams. Things like distributed cognition in an Open Space Session. Never facilitate a new technique until I experience it once.
    Karen J. Davis - Love to have you in New York - circle is expanding and contracting. Making this happen again.
    Kevin O'Brien - Sorry I missed the last couple meetings. Somehow I booked things. Looks like there are 4 new faces. Interested in learning more about them. Leave it at that.
    Donann Stoicovy - Educator - done a lot of open spaces , in school system and in faculties. Make decisions around things. This is my first time joining the group. Very interested in the things to do in the future

    Initial Dialog

    Mark - Opening Space as an attitude instead of a format?
    Charlie - Also interested in above question. A model of cognition, social relationships are based on our old brain. Keep them from running away. Dealing with fight flight response. First practice is to get people to feel safe in the room. For my 2 cents, my checkin - I don't use a facilitation technique until I participate.
    Karen - I resonate with the things that people have been saying and also in this piece. My main focus has to do with opening heart, and not only the mind. That's virtually or face to face. Open Space certainly provides that option.
    Kevin - People attacking Open Space, what is that about?
    Donann - I've opened many open spaces in our district and my school. Kind of working with a group of people to figure the context so it doesn't go all over the place. It's been very successful. Want to see it in other situations. Have people walk away and.
    Doug - I suffered an addiction to ?, now adays I work in the corporate world, in the field of effectiveness and leadership. Open Space is the hammer to hit everything. I've opened a lot of sessions. I've learned the kind of leader that is willing to work with me. It's not the norm. Tolerate the notion of inviting everyone in the organization. That's an exceptional kind of leader. I'm looking forward to the day for this to be the norm. Teamwork, we're all in this together. The leader who carries the idea is only one of the players, not only the big boss, except for standing by teams decision. Open Space really lends itself to getting rid of the hierarchy. Inviting across the departments, everyone is equal. You never know where the best ideas could come from. Donann. I'm in a place where the internet is real shakey. Sometimes your conversations are all broken up. And I don't know if you can hear a word that I say.
    Linda - I don't know where to begin. I've been doing this for 22 years, and it's never failed. It must - corporate or non-profit. The leadership of that community understands they are just one person in the circle, you can't move forward. They are rare. Although, the pressures that are on our organizations right now, things get done in the real world. OST is the tool for that to happen in the organizations. Harrison - well over 30 years - I can't say enough to Charlie - please go to New York. Incredible 2 day OST. Holding space for opening space. Hopefully some people think about joining the board.Coming from the heart. Disappointed in political system. More small group open space. No answers, but
    Harold - Open Space questions were great. Come to NYC. Also 2 AgileOpen events in February in 2017 on west coast.
    Suzanne - People can facilitate without experiencing. Stop in my tracks. Most natural thing in the world. It was an invitation to freedom being responsible to ourself. Can't remember safety and feeling safe. 4 - 5 Open Space's, one in Manilla - the one - right after that with the AgileOpen in Florida. Both groups many had experienced OST for the first time. Striking that it always happens this way. I refer back to safety. It's not the way we meet. It's not the way we're invited. Our own freedom and speak out. We don't feel safe at the beginning. It's not the way of the world. What the heck is this. Hear that again and again this hear. Watch the tension, fear, curiosity. And closing circle, camp fire, everyone is with each other. Gratitude. I've had that opportunity everywhere however I feel yes yes yes, last week I was with a partner open space with the two of us, create an agenda wall really quickly. When we have a topic that we are really interested in, it's kind of a requirement until we get to be in open space all the time, in the beginning it's important to have a topic. Not every leader is open to wanting to give a voice to everyone. All of us as human beings, invitation and consideration has a right to life and contribute, and use your two feet. Look left, look right, we are all leaders, that is how we treat each other. I could talk for 3 hours. It has never abated being in love. Being with you gives me tons of courage. Heart connected. I'm done.

    We chose to stay in one session and step through topics after this initial dialog

    Attacking Open Space

    Ignore, laugh, attack accept as truth.

    It's great, makes me smile, no less deterimed. Not really, open
    Threatened by it - billable hours -
    There is only 2 things - don't have a wall, can't put anything on a wall.
    Having a conversation with the CEO so he knows what his/her role is. If there is any understanding - I will not do the Open Space.
    Have done anything without CEO's.
    Lots of different leadership structures.
    Mark - leadership has ability to take action to do things the teams can't do themselves. It can be helpful to see results, so the OST isn't just a fun event. It can lead to action being taken.
    Karen - Open Space starts with self. I myself there are times start practicing Open Space within their context. Very realistic.
    Suzanne - there are journeys ahead. I found that it's easier to not be talking about Open Space - not talking about ot too much. Worked with the packaging industry, focus on the issues. Some of the problems. Trying to fill it out. Be more broadly invited. And more broadly involved. And make the case for that. Things going so quickly. Have people on board and informed to the bigger picture. Here are some of the results. Look at the book of proceedings for after. Work with a planning team that is diverse. That is a bit of a microcosm. Informal leaders or diverse leaders, the CEO be involved, there, it's not a fast rule. Depends on the size of the company, underground in the company, when the results are good it doesn't become subversive, it's just working. How to talk about this, how to engage, describing the process. But before, focus on the conversation on questions and fears. Can't wrap their arms around, it's so annoying.

    Opening Space from the Heart

    I'm still discovering. A lot is how centered we are ourselves. How much we are balancing heart and mind. Maybe one of the reasons, at a gathering here in NY, international folks around dignitty and humiliation. One of the people from Somali Land, wonderful sharing of her journey opening up a maternity that is now expanded. How can there develop the skills and knowledge that she is doing. You don't need all that. You start with the heart, then the content will come! Open to exploring more.
    Linda - heart = passion. Inviting what they care about. It touches their heart, it all happens. The heart is definitely important. Also reminded discovery of Zen. Harrison - I have a new love, Zen. Harrison said they are one and the same. We need good minds, we need great hearts.
    Linda - Open Space really has existed since the beginning of time. Sitting in circle, and voices being heard. Aware of what is going on with Standing Rock. The history in this country in relationship to indigenous people. And the beauty and the teachings of nature. Nature and heart in all things.
    Linda - what a beautiful tradition - Standing Rock did what everyone said was impossible. Who could have predicted that military vets would have apologized. Power of self organization and of heart. And honoring indigenous people are long overdue.

    Peacemaking Circles

    From Yukon first nation - four stage process - opening heart first, getting acquainted and getting in alignment, before moving to action and decisions. Large groups of 30-40 people instead of having a conversation. Especially for the first time. No models. Us as facilitators. If you find that your group is really really large, consider that everyone. Coming back to heart, it's as if the best open space happens when care and consideration happens really be with other people, is someone feeling frustrated or not-heard. With Open Space it has helped me push through. Feel the deep pain. Get up the next day. Realize. The conversation has gone to another level.  On the other side of that feud. So much closer and deeper, and it can happen between 3-4 people, or 2 people. So much easier. Can just take one open space. It is messy. But the mess is cleaned up. Avoiding is what we've been avoiding. It's so exhausting.
    Kevin - Build a wall - make the space closed. Re-emergence of old thinking. Seems such a weird juxtaposition. Open Space can bring people together to make peace. Have to keep people from running away, what conversations are they going to work on. Not going to be easy. Interesting.

  • Meeting Date: 14 Nov 2016

    In attendance: Karen Davis, Harold Shinsato, Linda Stevens

    We have additional videos for OST testimonials. Four more in store.

    High Performance & Practice of Peace

    We discussed the 2017 Opening Space for High Performance and the Practice of Peace next January in NYC at International House. We will get the event posted on the website. We are offering several discount levels based on conversations with Karen Davis to allow for discount codes. Fifty percent off, free, and food only prices. Those interested in accomodations for Internation House, please contact Karen. The room rate is higher rate than last year. $165 a night.

    December Board Meeting

    We are moving it to December 12. This will also be our Annual Membership Meeting as required by the State of Washington for membership based non-profit corporations.

    Low attendance

    We will look at what we need to be doing to have another level of commitment.

  • Meeting Date: 17 Oct 2016
    OSI Board Meeting: October 17, 2016
    Participants: Karen, Linda, Harold, Tricia
    Moment of Silence and Check – in
    Discussion Topics:
    Karen will get in touch with Harold about the review of the finances for the January 2017 event at International House. 
    Tricia will review the song We Are the World and email it to Board members. 
    Since the world has gone video, Harold suggested to include more OS video taped testimonials on the OSI website and will ask Suzanne about promoting those at the upcoming WOSonOS in Manila. Board members are encouraged to also provide some video testimonials. 
    Harold and Tricia will be introducing the possibility of video taping to tomorrow’s OS Hotline. Another possibility for video taping is to hold informal conversations with small groups to talk about OS, OS and Agile, or about anything connected to OS such what’s the best way to close the space or what’s powerful about “invitation.” Any topics are welcome and could be video taped using the OS Zoom account; Harold can give out the password or send a URL, but please send out an email letting the rest of the Board know when you’re using the account. 
    Linda offered to poll Board members about the next meeting date which is scheduled the week of Thanksgiving – please see below.
    Next Meeting: Scheduled for Monday, November 21, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. EDT.


  • Meeting Date: 26 Sep 2016

    4:35pm edt start

    Harold, Karen, Tricia, Linda, Kevin

    - Changing the meeting date/time

    I like having it start before 5pm. I'm already starting dinner, hard to remember. How is the day of the week for me. Monday is fine. Starting before 5pm is more convenient. We were starting later because Karen was in a class. That was the earliest on a Monday. Let's move to 4pm on Mondays. It works for everyone.

    - High Performance & Practice of Peace 2017 open space at International House

    Karen is giving an update. The price is going up somewhat for the rooms, but not that much. This year will be ok. We have to have a greeter, so people go to the right place. That was a requirement. Our total this year will be $3000, rather than $2200. And a $650 deposit, either check or Karen will pay by credit card and be reimbursed. A single with no tax is $165. With 2 people $185. That's a jump from $135 or something. And there are suites, and that price has gone up for participants. They are holding all their rooms for us, and we will have to release them. They no longer give a discount for non-profits. The price is the same. And the rate on the guest rooms is a group rate. We already have someone who wants ot make a reservation. Suzanne is working on the invitation. That should be ready to go within another week or so. The food rate has not gone up. Suzanne will be helping with the invitations but she won't be attending. But she is committed other than organizing the housing. Karen will have a clarifying meeting with International House on Wednesday.

    Harold Shinsato moved that Karen J. Davis be the official authorized representative of the Open Space Institute - U.S. in interactions with International House. Tricia Chirumbole seconded. All approved, the motion passed.

    - Status on Testimonial Video Gathering

    Harold will add the guidelines for the videos on the website, and the YouTube channel. We have 3 videos so far.

    - Board Membership Transparency

    There is no upper limit in the by-laws for the board membership. We have to have 3 officers. We already

    - Vision and Mission of OSI-US

    We talked about the mission, and came up with something that might be more effective, which is "Holding space for Open Space in support of the evolution of human consciousness worldwide." We'll revisit this and continue to sit the question. I want to be able to communicate to further the mission, but what is our mission. What was being encouraged within the entity/framework of the Open Space Institute?


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