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Board Meeting Notes, November, 2011

Meeting Date: 
20 Nov 2011

  • Present: Karen, Peggy, Harold, Doug, Suzanne, Christine, Lisa

  • Peggy will moderate

  • Harold bin gardner

  • Doug will take the notes

  • Opened with Silence

  • Checkins held

  • Calls with Christine, Ed, Suzanne—leave for next time

  • Kai Degner: never heard back, remove from bin

  • Add annual open member meeting: open invitation to December Board call; Harold will write the invitation and prepare for posting a financial report, in a simple format

  • What per cent of our Budget to devote to any one project?

    • Do we spend it all, first come first served? But we are not here to have a bank account....

    • Prefer to spend some time on awareness, and not adopt a specific policy

    • Articulate a few incentives; what are we intending to do with our funds; different from Access Queen; how do we make these decisions?

    • Not easily, complex, emergent

    • It was good to have a little bit of the naiveté; we'd ought to be able to be flexible to meet the needs; not sure we can be informed by the past;

    • Do we say there has to be an hiatus, and they have to have a year off?

    • Haiti does so much good work; could have used more money in Chile for the WOSONOS--that was good work too; more of a conversation of with Haiti, not shutting the door

    • Everybody does not have the same cultural ability to ask; both Chile and Haiti helps a lot of people for a little bit of money

    • Not clear what the issue is; is there some other principle that needs to be named?

    • May be we should have a per centage for projects; Haiti depleted our treasury; maybe 75% of our funds will go to projects; as against a Dollar amount; Need to keep it flexible; let's say they ask for 3500 and we only have 4K in the treasury

    • Access Queen does not just say, "OK," but says "I will see what we have"—no promises, no funding of one person twice in a row; very fluid; "I only have $X, does that mean you can still go?"

    • We had over $5,000 when Haiti request came in; as of now we have less than $3,000; we have Checking and PayPal accounts

    • We have not had a lot of requests for money; we don't have a list of projects all waiting; we need to have a conversatino with them, so they develop other opportunities; their fund raisers could be developing some fund raising, too.

    • Temporary conclusion: we are wanting to be as flexible as possible, but do not want to go over a certain per centage

    • Let's agree we do not need to talk about it more today, but want to create a placeholder; we seem to create the wheel all over again each time; and the shared willingness to let things emerge; see no reason to keep it in the bin;

    • We will mark it done; but there is something for us to consider this again face to face; we should put out that other people can request support; and we would probably get more donations

    • Suzanne will speak with John Engle about what the capacity is in Haiti to get more donations elsewhere and become selt-supporting.

  • December 19th is our next meeting.

  • Checkouts concluded the meeting

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