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Board Proceedings March 2012

Meeting Date: 
23 Mar 2012

Board Proceedings from March 23, 2012

In attendance: Doug, Peggy, Christine, Phelim, Harold, Suzanne, Karen

Christine will convene the silence...

Suzanne checked in inspired - working with Christine Koehler, Gidot, producing french book on Open Space - intended audience is for organizations... 9 authors around the world - Belgium, Haiti, Africa, Portugal, Switzerland. 18 year old niece has coproduced the video. It's an ebook that people can telecharge. Harrison wrote the preface...
Harold checked in quietly inspired
Doug - wonderful early Spring in Northern Indiana
Karen - great weather in NYC
Peggy - emptied inbox
Phelim - lots of art work on computer
Ed - Visiting friends and just got home... major job - friend and he's doing it. Lisa when going to the hospital with her friend. It takes a lot out of you. Ok, just tiring...

Combined WosonOS 2012

UK Open Space Institute, came up in getting a venue for WOSONOS 2012. Discussion of set up a charitable organization and we would get the space cheaper. Whether to form an OSI to do that, or if it would combine 2 jobs. It became very clear that the people who had ideas of what the institute would be about and the ideas were very different. That kind of as a prospect it fell away. I personally didn't want to step into an organization when I didn't share the values. Let's drop that now, let's see if out of WOSonOS if an institute might be emergent as a legacy out of coming out of the WOSonOS.

Communications might happen with other institutes around the world.

Posted something on the list - we did a chain invitation for DnD, Phelim wrote the invite. On tumbler blog, invited others to share their invitations. 36 or 37 different invitations attached to the same event. They were very exciting and some were very different. Some were very heart felt, as continuing the invitation, every other day, it kept it live. Doing the same thing for WOSonOS. I'm interested in other people on the board of being a part of that process. Reach out to the world wide community. It can keep being shared on facebook and twitter.

One of the surprising of things from DnD, invitations came from people who have never been there before - as well as invitations from people from the last 7 years. I think there have been processes on the list already, we managed to create all those invitations were together in an archive. - you could see the people who were coming. Invitation to create that. If you want to do that, let me know, if you don't let me know...

Segue into other things, one of the issue of things that came up, some people that were in Germany a core of 8 people who have been working and a wider group of 15-16, and some people who had been to previous WOSonOS, felt the lack of a theme. Germany not being focussed. Because there wasn't a theme pertinent to this year. Phelim has his own personal response to that, that the UK might decide on a theme sounds limiting and presumptuous. What the world should be working on in a way. I think it comes out of, UK convening group, that there are very disparate reasons for people being involved.

What about the OSList asking about if there should be a theme, those of us who are trying to make the event happen, and make the community happy. Slightly daunting. I guess I'm interested in people's thoughts.

You might counsel with Lisa - she would know about all those things. Lisa's feeling was similar to his, if you focus in on a theme, you might limit what people might use the WOSonOS for. It becomes something that doesn't become emergent. We all kind of think of the call have agreed about that. However, going back to the UK group and say I say I've spoken to Lisa, they sort of don't quite like being told that. That's generally... and improbable's challenge. Not quite trusted. It seems to be part of the UK open space culture. Not alot of trust amongst people.  A lot of scarcity mentality. Pissed of that they're doing it and others aren't. Another example, we had to make a logo - and in the end we decided what the logo was, you didn't consult us, we don't like it.

Then the theme is another example of this...

Harold - this is a tension in the community - how do you make decisions...
Doug - who ever shows up - bring it to a head. let people make decisions...
Phelim - now we have to make things happen. Some people have been helping make things happen, 3 weeks creating a logo - people who haven't been a part of that reappear and are very strong in their opinions. Not having worked very much. We need to be moving on making things happen...
you know something has to be dropped. With a group that doesn't quite trust each other, it's more painful.
Christine - this is an issue - meme - it is tough to go across all the different memes and there is no way to please everyone. Leadership and the connection between all those things. Your sense of it, this is it and we're moving. It's a leadership role. We can't stay in the question forever.
Phelim - more support from world community than from local UK community.
Christine - almost all the folks that jump to do things for that conference, then learned about Appreciative Inquiry. Asked Diana Whitney to support the chapter and the conference. Quite helpful to have someone else to help do that.
Doug - When doing a big project, beginning, muddle, end. \
Phelim - optimistic, at the end of the muddle.
Karen - there's someone still in New York - fascinating to her, listening now to the early WOSonOS's. So simple, weren't those issues. People came together and just did it. Team collaborative, Occupy Wall Street, still trying to do a consensus thing - very much understand what your culture is bringing to the party - the people that might be able to help with this - Kerry should be helpful.
Phelim - Kerry was helpful, then got feedback, I got really pissed off with that guy and left.
Christine - blessing and releasing the volunteers that are such a pain in the neck.
Karen - find ways to piss them off even more.
Phelim - when feel confident - Seth Godin's thing, if you're not pissing people off, you're not doing your job.
Doug - Switch the conversation to your first point here, links or chains of invitations. That's kind of neat. Not seen those, and I think that would be a wonderful way to bring people to this.
Phelim- I was very aware that people were interested for lots of different reasons. Within the invitation process itself. Thought it was a good solution. Will send the link from the DnD website. We created a series of images that were from DnD and we'll do something for WOSonOS, active for a week - instead it keeps the invitation alive and reanimates the first invitation.
Karen - thinks its a great process.

Check out
Phelim - somewhere there is confusion that everyone works on everything - instead OS supports people to follow their passion and take the lead. It causes confusion that it's about everyone agreeing. That misunderstanding can lead to some confusion about stuff.
Doug - so uplifted - even if we disagree - people who are seeing what's possible in the world with sacred conversations.

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