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Board Proceedings April 2012

Meeting Date: 
17 Apr 2012

Board Proceedings April 17, 2012

In attendance: Suzanne, Karen, Harold, Peggy, Doug, Phelim, perhaps others.

Suzanne - wedding in the air - head space there.

Karen - Thought were all checking in - say something else - Open Space with Occupy Wall Street - very much alive - Saturday Spring Awakening in Central Park. Kelly McGallan - been supporting it over the past number of months faciliated that - first time out of doors - Biggest Challenge - free standing banners or signs. Stood on either side of a standing things for purpose - writing on chalk what they were going to convene. Continuation what is happening here. She doesn't I'll say more. Good variations for engaging people. Very pleased to be a part of that.

Harold - Trumpet call - open space - Missoula BarCamp. Ignite. Michael Sahota - Open Space Expert - Scrum Gathering

Peggy - make it brief - it's busy time - I'm heading off to a JTM board meeting this weekend. We received our 501(c)(3) - first face to face. It's um - I'd say that's a major thing going on - JTM Work - that and we're in the midst of a house remodel. Stop there. Turn it over to someone else. And I'll be back.

Doug -couple of hours hither and yon. I've got something coming up - very busy week - not exactly open space - it is conversation - on Wednesday Morning - facilitating group of doctors - continuing medical education for an hour - getting credit for the conversations they're going to have. Starting the conversation about end of life matters with our loved ones and our patients clients, whatever you might call them. And I'm really excited about it for an ethics committee for a local hospital. A lot of things going on too that related to that topic. That's the main thing that is going on - seeing my grandchildren in Indianapolis. Meet with him for a couple hours - get enough sleep.

Phelim here - just checking in - I feel like it's great hearing other people's journey and where they're at - lots of different parallel journeys - endings, deaths, and griefs around that sort of things - my own company - difficult time - 17 years. Is going through a probably out the other side rebirth - sitting ina place of not knowing - while that's happening. I'm working very hard on the big task which is much bigger than I thought it was - creating a website for WOSonOS. Website for our big tour that happens this year in the summer - June - 20 open spaces that will be part of one big conversation - holds all those conversation sfrom beginning to end - building a kind of community - network . So I'm feeling exciting - conflict and endings in his own theater company. Big state of flux. Great to hear about stuff happening - which I share - touched by.


Feel very energized for the future - gotten more courage - testing her courage (Suzanne) - into the corporate world and invite them into new ways of engagement. Fascinating to see the resistances. Talking about shared leadership and self-organization. Just want to jump in even more. We had a really terrific conversation - ed christine and suzanne. Really good time.

And the last thing Suzanne did - increasing prices dramatically - they honored last year's priceĀ  -400. If needed more lines - real urge to have meetings in the future - many voices in the community to join in.

Peggy can scan in the documents - we could blank out the number.

Peggy - send an articles - please post the documents. Peggy will send me the articles. Phelim is talking about - operating along the lines of open space according to that philosophy.

Peggy is thrilled that Suzanne is stepping into the presidency - it is time for a new era.
Suzanne- I feel a lot of love for all of you, love for the events that are happening ,with riddley being born, being embarrassed to be bold and that she wants to charge ahead. Watch her not to micromanage - get to be a perfectionist when charging a hill. Meeting the bride to be - go through each of the positions.

Suzanne- is the president.
Emeritus - not a role just to be called upon - anytime want to sit in on the call - always welcome - Peggy, Christine, Lisa - whoever.

Vice President - Ed LaBoy be VP...
Treasurer - Harold
Secretary - Phelim

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