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Board Meeting Notes, February, 2012

Meeting Date: 
19 Feb 2012
  • Present: Doug, Karen, Harold, Suzanne, Peggy
  • Silence

  • Checkins held

  • Harold will be bin gardener:

    • Haiti partners is done; Suzanne will send another email for completion
    • Meet logo designer is done; Harold might add something to Website from the logo
    • Spiritual evolution is done
  • Annual membership drive:

    • Suzanne drafted one
    • Harold is reworking it today
    • want to have something by the end of the call
    • move the appeal up to first paragraph
    • $20 to 1500—don't set the bar too low.
  • Wikipedia entry:

    • Not much energy to eliminate the banners
    • resistance to cleaning it up—might offend people if clean it up
    • Leave it in the bin, but bring in items around it, e.g., what we are doing as an institute in a very non-institutional world. Contextualizing.
    • Whom do we serve and how best do we serve them?
      • Difference between leadership in a hub and leadership in a hierarchy
      • about invitation, attraction, questions that matter
    • Need a layered approach, so people can find themselves in there.
    • This conversation needs to go to the OSlist
    • Maybe host a separate conversation about this.
    • There is a stewardship issue here: lightly stewarding the community.
    • Question needs to be larger than just cleaning up the Wikipedia entry
    • Recommend to Phelim to do something separate from Wikipedia
  • March 19 next meeting

  • Checkouts held

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