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December 2011 Meeting

Meeting Date: 
18 Dec 2011

Present: Karen, Ed, Harold, Peggy, Christine, Doug, Suzanne

  • Meeting lasted 45 minutes
  • Moment of silence + check-ins
  • Decided to limit topic to the Annual Open Space Institute Meeting
  • Date of the meeting: Friday December 20th (90 minutes) - Noon EST
  • Group defined the agenda with the focus on 2 topics:

1) The Evolution of Consciousness & Open Space Technology
2) The future of Open Space Technology Institutes Worldwide

  • Lisa to moderate the meeting or if unavailable Christine will facilitate;
  • Harold to prepare annual financial summary with activities and post on OSI US Institute website; Harold also offered to send a general invitation to the community
  • Suzanne offers to use her Maestro Conference account and set up the meeting
  • Meeting adjourns with holiday greetings to all

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