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Board Minutes March 2019

Meeting Date: 
19 Mar 2019

Present: Tricia Chirumbole, Karen Davis, Kevin O'Brien,  Barry Owen, Mark Sheffield, Harold Shinsato

Moment of Silence and Check-ins

Note-taker: Mark, Facilitator: Tricia

Formally accepting Myriane Ouellete to the Board

This being Myriane's third consecutive meeting and her willingness to join the Board, Harold moved to accept her and Tricia seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Harold will add her to the distribution list and grant her board-level access to the website.

WOSonOS October 25-27, with an evening of gathering and storytelling for those who arrive early on Thursday

Venue: Cherry Hill Park Campground

The Board unanimously approved Suzanne Daigle's offer to act as a Board contact person

Board contacts for the contract: Karen & Harold

Some housing is available in the campground; additional housing is available at nearby hotels & motels

The contract specifies a capacity of 125 people; there is some pricing leeway if the actual number goes over or under that amount. A deposit will be due 4 months in advance.

The Board expressed a desire to keep registration as low as possible without going into red.

Suzanne has drafted a save the Date postcard; Myriane will help finish that work. Harold will post the announcement from the Board to the OSList, Barry will create a Facebook event, also from the Board.

There is a possibility that OST training will be offered for 1-2 days before WOSonOS.

Harold expressed his desire that each of the Board members discover their own passion about WOSonOS.

Online OS events will be scheduled for formulating the theme and soliciting input from the OS community. April 8 from 7-9pm ET and April 13 from 7-9am ET. Harold will coordinate the events and run them using Qiqochat. Harold offered to host the April 8 session; Barry offered to host on April 13.

Check out

The next meeting will be April 16, 6-7:30pm Eastern.

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