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These are the proceedings from meetings of the Open Space Institute.
  • Meeting Date: 23 Mar 2012

    Board Proceedings from March 23, 2012

    In attendance: Doug, Peggy, Christine, Phelim, Harold, Suzanne, Karen

    Christine will convene the silence...

    Suzanne checked in inspired - working with Christine Koehler, Gidot, producing french book on Open Space - intended audience is for organizations... 9 authors around the world - Belgium, Haiti, Africa, Portugal, Switzerland. 18 year old niece has coproduced the video. It's an ebook that people can telecharge. Harrison wrote the preface...
    Harold checked in quietly inspired
    Doug - wonderful early Spring in Northern Indiana
    Karen - great weather in NYC
    Peggy - emptied inbox
    Phelim - lots of art work on computer
    Ed - Visiting friends and just got home... major job - friend and he's doing it. Lisa when going to the hospital with her friend. It takes a lot out of you. Ok, just tiring...

    ------HAROLD TAKING THE NOTES----------
    Combined WosonOS 2012

    UK Open Space Institute, came up in getting a venue for WOSONOS 2012. Discussion of set up a charitable organization and we would get the space cheaper. Whether to form an OSI to do that, or if it would combine 2 jobs. It became very clear that the people who had ideas of what the institute would be about and the ideas were very different. That kind of as a prospect it fell away. I personally didn't want to step into an organization when I didn't share the values. Let's drop that now, let's see if out of WOSonOS if an institute might be emergent as a legacy out of coming out of the WOSonOS.

    Communications might happen with other institutes around the world.

    Posted something on the list - we did a chain invitation for DnD, Phelim wrote the invite. On tumbler blog, invited others to share their invitations. 36 or 37 different invitations attached to the same event. They were very exciting and some were very different. Some were very heart felt, as continuing the invitation, every other day, it kept it live. Doing the same thing for WOSonOS. I'm interested in other people on the board of being a part of that process. Reach out to the world wide community. It can keep being shared on facebook and twitter.

    One of the surprising of things from DnD, invitations came from people who have never been there before - as well as invitations from people from the last 7 years. I think there have been processes on the list already, we managed to create all those invitations were together in an archive. - you could see the people who were coming. Invitation to create that. If you want to do that, let me know, if you don't let me know...

    Segue into other things, one of the issue of things that came up, some people that were in Germany a core of 8 people who have been working and a wider group of 15-16, and some people who had been to previous WOSonOS, felt the lack of a theme. Germany not being focussed. Because there wasn't a theme pertinent to this year. Phelim has his own personal response to that, that the UK might decide on a theme sounds limiting and presumptuous. What the world should be working on in a way. I think it comes out of, UK convening group, that there are very disparate reasons for people being involved.

    What about the OSList asking about if there should be a theme, those of us who are trying to make the event happen, and make the community happy. Slightly daunting. I guess I'm interested in people's thoughts.

    You might counsel with Lisa - she would know about all those things. Lisa's feeling was similar to his, if you focus in on a theme, you might limit what people might use the WOSonOS for. It becomes something that doesn't become emergent. We all kind of think of the call have agreed about that. However, going back to the UK group and say I say I've spoken to Lisa, they sort of don't quite like being told that. That's generally... and improbable's challenge. Not quite trusted. It seems to be part of the UK open space culture. Not alot of trust amongst people.  A lot of scarcity mentality. Pissed of that they're doing it and others aren't. Another example, we had to make a logo - and in the end we decided what the logo was, you didn't consult us, we don't like it.

    Then the theme is another example of this...

    Harold - this is a tension in the community - how do you make decisions...
    Doug - who ever shows up - bring it to a head. let people make decisions...
    Phelim - now we have to make things happen. Some people have been helping make things happen, 3 weeks creating a logo - people who haven't been a part of that reappear and are very strong in their opinions. Not having worked very much. We need to be moving on making things happen...
    you know something has to be dropped. With a group that doesn't quite trust each other, it's more painful.
    Christine - this is an issue - meme - it is tough to go across all the different memes and there is no way to please everyone. Leadership and the connection between all those things. Your sense of it, this is it and we're moving. It's a leadership role. We can't stay in the question forever.
    Phelim - more support from world community than from local UK community.
    Christine - almost all the folks that jump to do things for that conference, then learned about Appreciative Inquiry. Asked Diana Whitney to support the chapter and the conference. Quite helpful to have someone else to help do that.
    Doug - When doing a big project, beginning, muddle, end. \
    Phelim - optimistic, at the end of the muddle.
    Karen - there's someone still in New York - fascinating to her, listening now to the early WOSonOS's. So simple, weren't those issues. People came together and just did it. Team collaborative, Occupy Wall Street, still trying to do a consensus thing - very much understand what your culture is bringing to the party - the people that might be able to help with this - Kerry should be helpful.
    Phelim - Kerry was helpful, then got feedback, I got really pissed off with that guy and left.
    Christine - blessing and releasing the volunteers that are such a pain in the neck.
    Karen - find ways to piss them off even more.
    Phelim - when feel confident - Seth Godin's thing, if you're not pissing people off, you're not doing your job.
    Doug - Switch the conversation to your first point here, links or chains of invitations. That's kind of neat. Not seen those, and I think that would be a wonderful way to bring people to this.
    Phelim- I was very aware that people were interested for lots of different reasons. Within the invitation process itself. Thought it was a good solution. Will send the link from the DnD website. We created a series of images that were from DnD and we'll do something for WOSonOS, active for a week - instead it keeps the invitation alive and reanimates the first invitation.
    Karen - thinks its a great process.

    Check out
    Phelim - somewhere there is confusion that everyone works on everything - instead OS supports people to follow their passion and take the lead. It causes confusion that it's about everyone agreeing. That misunderstanding can lead to some confusion about stuff.
    Doug - so uplifted - even if we disagree - people who are seeing what's possible in the world with sacred conversations.

  • Meeting Date: 19 Feb 2012
    • Present: Doug, Karen, Harold, Suzanne, Peggy
    • Silence

    • Checkins held

    • Harold will be bin gardener:

      • Haiti partners is done; Suzanne will send another email for completion
      • Meet logo designer is done; Harold might add something to Website from the logo
      • Spiritual evolution is done
    • Annual membership drive:

      • Suzanne drafted one
      • Harold is reworking it today
      • want to have something by the end of the call
      • move the appeal up to first paragraph
      • $20 to 1500—don't set the bar too low.
    • Wikipedia entry:

      • Not much energy to eliminate the banners
      • resistance to cleaning it up—might offend people if clean it up
      • Leave it in the bin, but bring in items around it, e.g., what we are doing as an institute in a very non-institutional world. Contextualizing.
      • Whom do we serve and how best do we serve them?
        • Difference between leadership in a hub and leadership in a hierarchy
        • about invitation, attraction, questions that matter
      • Need a layered approach, so people can find themselves in there.
      • This conversation needs to go to the OSlist
      • Maybe host a separate conversation about this.
      • There is a stewardship issue here: lightly stewarding the community.
      • Question needs to be larger than just cleaning up the Wikipedia entry
      • Recommend to Phelim to do something separate from Wikipedia
    • March 19 next meeting

    • Checkouts held

  • Meeting Date: 30 Dec 2011

    Open Space Institute - US
    Annual Membership Meeting
    December 30, 2011

    How has Open Space Technology impacted the evolution of your own consciousness?

    • This is what mystics have been trying to do forever
    • It’s already present, it’s already happening
    • Wanting the right answer, but in order to serve customers, we are turning more to this emergent science (physics is doing this too)
    • Open Space as a philosophy
    • What’s interesting about Open Space Technology is that it can be seen about an event
    • different areas of life - how to have a child in America, engaging with the health/insurance system
    • Could substitute OST for natural birth
    • Open Space is a midwifing process
      • interaction with authority, sense of choice
      • the 5th principle is very important
    • Open Space as a direct connection with the Divine
    • Open Space has lifted thinking - election time - if I were running for office, I would hold OS meetings and ask people how they would change things
    • Think of life as before and after Open Space
      • gratitude for what OS invited into my life.  Life before, I was duty bound, rescuer, fixer...not truly of service, more in control, did not have the depth of exchange and dialogue
      • I could have missed my life if I hadn’t been introduced to Open Space
      • Palpably aware of not being alone in this - well-intentioned but misguided
    • How can we anchor the awareness of what’s happening?
    • Mission to go at it in 2012.  Going to set up a buddy system, so when I get discouraged I’ll call
    • Conversation around language - how to expand
      • Are people really open to new ideas?  Generally not.  They have to be forced to new ideas.  Open Space does that.
    • Maybe, in addition to discoveries and ecstatic conclusion of open space, maybe it’s in the follow-up.
      • those who are excited, get them to follow-up and get them to do what they said they wanted to do, could be a way to help cement
    • I come to Open Space from a different angle.  It’s been an affirmation of what I’ve been thinking/doing before OST existed.  Intrigued by making connections between human behavior and the scientific world.
    • my own evolution and growth in consciousness is getting deeper inside myself, know I am the only one who can change
    • Always striving for what open space could mean in my own life. for a long time, I couldn’t say anything - couldn’t make the link
    • thought I was open to the ideas but discovered that it was difficult for me to facilitate the open space in Paris because I wanted to control everything.  had to find a point where I could be centered.  
    • What does leadership mean?
    • Open Space means taking the responsibility for what I am passionate about.  
    • Discovered through open space that I could feel connected to people who are not thinking the same way I do or understanding open space the way I did
    • Working with Open Space in 1994, completely changed.  Liberating to discover that I wasn’t responsible about their experience.
    • I’ve said that many times - what does that mean now?  It affects the work I choose and how I work with people now.  Making as visible as possible that revelation I had years ago.
    • Life practice.  Excited to find others.
    • Working with a group of Rabbis - looking at it from the point of view of how they can mobilize around core issues facing Judaism
      • being aware of the messy way that things change
      • ask the question - what is the simplest way of thinking about this to communicate the message as accessible as possible.
        • inviting people to take responsibility for what they love as an act of service
        • Opening to the systems implications and the invitation to: take responsibility for what we love as an act of service
    • OST made sense to me because of my work as a therapist and my spiritual practices
      • I started with Appreciative Inquiry, I could see how much AI needed Open Space.  It can be a grand part of letting go, letting come at the bottom of the U.
      • I toggle back and forth between being an OS practitioner in my life and looking for ways for people to experience this different way the systems they’re in.
      • When I first met Christine, I was excited to bring OST to AI work, in 2003, we knew how powerful self-organization could be in transforming system.  OST gave us a way to experience being in chaordic structures.

    Worldwide Open Space Institutes

    • perhaps a legacy of the WOSonOS 2012
    • internationally, it would be great to have a sense of what we are as an institute and series of institutes so that people who are interested in creating or joining, they will understand why they might want to call that an institute
      • is there something deeper that we want to communicate about what we are as institutes?
    • Left the Institute in France
      • Developed and funded out OSonOS
      • Observed power struggles which were never named because it was “not appropriate” in the context of open space
    • What is the purpose of an OSI?  What do we want to share by building one?
    • OSI-US has followed our passions, what we care about - has brought us together

    • Audios could be made available, in addition to our notes.
      • Agreed:  Harold, Christine

    • Important to find a way to get together and work together with others who have a passion for open space
    • in Occupy Movement are struggling with power struggles,
    • OST provides a means for people to work together, apart.  Not all having to agree.  Work in different groups about what we care about
    • Often solutions could interact with one another if people could learn to share power
    • divide and conquer - John Young, Rome issue.  Forced people into different groups and divided.  How we tend to solve problems in the military and corporations.
    • Open space is a powerful metaphor for midwifing
    • It is critical to find ways that we can hold space together to move this thought process together, even if just conference calls or Facebook


    • Ph: Interested in discovering how to engage - the quality with which I listened is different from the communications when everyone is on mute.  my quality of listening was not as connected and attentive.  Knowing that I couldn’t be heard or engaged in actively listening
    • D: Thanks to Peggy for sharing her practice again - inviting....
    • S: Feel warmly connected.  Thank Harold of the nice ways he sent the notes,
    • K: Wonderful stimulus and example of the beauty of connecting.  feels like it’s just bait - all kinds of wonderful things to delve into more deeply
    • E: Thank you, great meeting, looking forward to future meeting and coming year
    • P:  Appreciating the people who have kept OSI-US going over the last year.  Thanks for your companionship and partnership
    • H: Wish everyone a happy new year.  Gratitude for the level of everyone’s work and what they bring to the field.  breathing in that energy/feeling.  what Open space enables.  Making a stand.
    • CK: thank you for this meeting and for inviting me.  How important it is to be connected and be able to self-organize.  
    • CWS:  Been hearing about 2012 for many years - curious and excited about the possibilities for this coming year.
  • Meeting Date: 18 Dec 2011

    Present: Karen, Ed, Harold, Peggy, Christine, Doug, Suzanne

    • Meeting lasted 45 minutes
    • Moment of silence + check-ins
    • Decided to limit topic to the Annual Open Space Institute Meeting
    • Date of the meeting: Friday December 20th (90 minutes) - Noon EST
    • Group defined the agenda with the focus on 2 topics:

    1) The Evolution of Consciousness & Open Space Technology
    2) The future of Open Space Technology Institutes Worldwide

    • Lisa to moderate the meeting or if unavailable Christine will facilitate;
    • Harold to prepare annual financial summary with activities and post on OSI US Institute website; Harold also offered to send a general invitation to the community
    • Suzanne offers to use her Maestro Conference account and set up the meeting
    • Meeting adjourns with holiday greetings to all
  • Meeting Date: 20 Nov 2011

    • Present: Karen, Peggy, Harold, Doug, Suzanne, Christine, Lisa

    • Peggy will moderate

    • Harold bin gardner

    • Doug will take the notes

    • Opened with Silence

    • Checkins held

    • Calls with Christine, Ed, Suzanne—leave for next time

    • Kai Degner: never heard back, remove from bin

    • Add annual open member meeting: open invitation to December Board call; Harold will write the invitation and prepare for posting a financial report, in a simple format

    • What per cent of our Budget to devote to any one project?

      • Do we spend it all, first come first served? But we are not here to have a bank account....

      • Prefer to spend some time on awareness, and not adopt a specific policy

      • Articulate a few incentives; what are we intending to do with our funds; different from Access Queen; how do we make these decisions?

      • Not easily, complex, emergent

      • It was good to have a little bit of the naiveté; we'd ought to be able to be flexible to meet the needs; not sure we can be informed by the past;

      • Do we say there has to be an hiatus, and they have to have a year off?

      • Haiti does so much good work; could have used more money in Chile for the WOSONOS--that was good work too; more of a conversation of with Haiti, not shutting the door

      • Everybody does not have the same cultural ability to ask; both Chile and Haiti helps a lot of people for a little bit of money

      • Not clear what the issue is; is there some other principle that needs to be named?

      • May be we should have a per centage for projects; Haiti depleted our treasury; maybe 75% of our funds will go to projects; as against a Dollar amount; Need to keep it flexible; let's say they ask for 3500 and we only have 4K in the treasury

      • Access Queen does not just say, "OK," but says "I will see what we have"—no promises, no funding of one person twice in a row; very fluid; "I only have $X, does that mean you can still go?"

      • We had over $5,000 when Haiti request came in; as of now we have less than $3,000; we have Checking and PayPal accounts

      • We have not had a lot of requests for money; we don't have a list of projects all waiting; we need to have a conversatino with them, so they develop other opportunities; their fund raisers could be developing some fund raising, too.

      • Temporary conclusion: we are wanting to be as flexible as possible, but do not want to go over a certain per centage

      • Let's agree we do not need to talk about it more today, but want to create a placeholder; we seem to create the wheel all over again each time; and the shared willingness to let things emerge; see no reason to keep it in the bin;

      • We will mark it done; but there is something for us to consider this again face to face; we should put out that other people can request support; and we would probably get more donations

      • Suzanne will speak with John Engle about what the capacity is in Haiti to get more donations elsewhere and become selt-supporting.

    • December 19th is our next meeting.

    • Checkouts concluded the meeting

  • Meeting Date: 19 Sep 2011

    Harold, Barry, Christine, Suzanne, Ed, Doug

    Moment of Silence followed by a brief update from each attendee

    Bin Clean-up
    Recommended that if an item in the bin has not been addressed for discussion/action, it will be removed after 3 months.

    Downloadable audio
    Harold will not be pursuing getting an iTunes or other online location to sell Harrison Owen's "Understanding Open Space" audio further. If someone else wants to pick this up, we can add it back to the bin.

    Haiti Open Space Training
    Mark this item as complete (donation for their training program); follow-up with a letter by no later than November (Suzanne to do) advising that it will not be possible to sustain the level of funding of past few years. Our budget will not permit the past level of contribution in the future.

    Open Space Manifesting Document
    This idea of creating such a document was in response to the fact that some people facilitating Open Space events do not fully understand what’s behind the process, intent and principles outlined in Open Space Technology.  Hence the comments we hear that an OS event was not really done in Open Space. It was felt that a declaration document of some sort that facilitators in our OS Community could read and sign might bring attention to what Open Space represents in its simplicity of application and the depth that it invites.  A manifesto document could raise awareness and create more clarity among facilitators about what constitutes Open Space which  transcends methodology leading to a powerful approach that invites deep transformation. Harold Shinsato, who posted this topic at the Annual Institute Board Retreat this summer, had initially intended to work with a team. Now in the interest of greater clarity, he felt it would be better if he put his thoughts on paper by himself first.   The group then had a long discussion on this topic that went from “How would we know if the Open Space was not being done right?”  to sharing how very impactful this process is for these times. It was an inspiring and invigorating exchange.

    Harold reported that we had $4491.60 remaining in our account.

  • Meeting Date: 15 Aug 2011

    This meeting was attempted to be held via Skype and the technology killed the meeting so there are no notes for this aborted meeting.

  • Meeting Date: 18 Jul 2011

    Present: Peggy, Harold, Ed, Barry, Doug, Lisa, Suzanne, Karen, Christine, Phelim, Lisa

    Absent: all were present

    Notes-taker: Lisa Heft


    Moment of silence, then individual check-ins.



    Annual Report Filing - Suzanne


    Thanks to Suzanne who has filed the report. She made copies of everything and also changed the address to her address. This can be changed if there is some other way it should read. Peggy’s instructions were very helpful.  


    Action: Harold will create a space for these items on the OSI-US website.  


    Discussion about the filing deadline - which is every year at the end of July - versus the officers’ election, which we did last in January. Because we did this, we do have a current group of officers. Doug recommended electing officers each January as a way to have time enough to do it - even giving us a few meetings if we need them to assemble a quorum for this task.


    Agreement: Elections will be each January or as soon thereafter as it is possible to meet as a full group.


    Logo - Peggy


    Everyone received the revised designs.  Some colors having been changed and ‘US’ has been added. If we are happy with the general look we can pick the color that works for us and the designer will give us a version that can be used for letterhead, website and other uses. Some discussion exploring how it looks for / is received by business and government folks - one of our interests in thinking about logos overall - as we share more about Open Space across different disciplines and an audience broader than people who already are familiar with Open Space. Some discussion about the color gradation working well, also the crispness that is probable in the completed version (versus the copies we are sharing for our mutual review). Discovery that there are not the same number of toes on each feet in the logo.


    Agreement to go with #8, thank and pay the designer, and live with it a little over time to see how it feels and settles in. 


    Agreement to have a smaller group work on this if further work is to be done.


    Action: Peggy will follow up with the designer. 


    Inviting Kai Degner to the Board - Lisa, Peggy


    Agreement: Kai would be a wonderful addition and that this is an exciting idea.


    Action: Peggy will contact him and will copy us on that.  be happy to do that and will copy everybody in the process of doing that. 


    OSI UK & WOSonOS 2012 - Phelim


    Phelim is trying to schedule getting out of rehearsals in New York to attend a few days of WOSonOS Chile in October - to make the invitation to the UK in 2012. Some discussion of Host Teams past present and future, the nature and tasks of their work, and their dynamics as teams.


    Using Skype for our monthly calls


    This call was a test of using Skype (plus conference call telephone line as needed) for our  monthly meeting. Much appreciation for Harold and Suzanne for setting up and helping us work with this technology before and during our meeting. This call had an additional challenge in that some were able to access Skype (from their desks, from being on the road) and some not - creating a need for use of dual technology (phone for most of us with the addition of Skype / screen for most of us - at the same time), which was a bit difficult with delay and sound factors. Bravo/a to all of us for 'hanging in there' during this good experiment.


    Closing word shower


    Gratitude    Perseverance    Excellence    Simplicity    Electricity    Birth    Trusting    Moving


    Next meeting time and date:


    Agreement: Next meeting Aug 15 same time of day / night.




    [Note from Lisa: remember our recommendation to ourselves during our April 2011 Board retreat to drop anything from the Bin that has not had movement for 3 months. The following Bin has not yet been adjusted to update as per this recommendation - perhaps this will be a good thing to quickly review at the start of our next meeting]


    Remaining in Bin:


    Logo - any updates? - Peggy


    Inviting Kai Degner to the Board - updates? - Peggy


    Haiti donation status 


    Bin Gardener Each Meeting (also discuss recommendation for 3 months' presence in the Bin for items)


    Next Meeting Time


    Downloadable audio for Understanding OS - Harold


    Learning Map - Harold


    Teleconference for OSI-US Membership in Feb/Mar 2010 - Harold


    Clarify the focusing question Open Space Manifest-ing - Harold 


    Convene call about the OS US Web site (Government w/Ed; Corp w/Suzanne) - Christine


    Schedule meeting to draft the Open Space Manifest-ing Invitation, design a process for inviting - Harold & Doug


    Host a clean-up of WIkipedia OST entry - Harold


    Revise the about page – Peggy, Harold & Lisa review


    What guidelines do we adopt for what per percentage of our funds go to any one project?



  • Meeting Date: 20 Jun 2011

    Present: Harold Shinsato, Barry Owen, Karen Davis, Lisa Heft, Suzanne Daigle, Doug Germann, Phelim McDermott, Ed LaBoy
    Absent: Peggy Holman

    Silent meditation - 2 minutes - 2:10 pm pacific

    Suzanne lead the meeting:

    Logo Meeting
    Peggy worked with the artist. Suzanne attended the meeting and enjoyed the conversation. We went over the different proposals that had been sent to each of the board members through email. The general consensus was towards the logo with six feet, the tribal version, although there was some concern that it looked a little busy.

    Haiti Donation
    The money was sent. Lisa will make an attempt at communicating with John Engle and Fremy.

    Skype Premium
    Skype Premium is purchased- anyone can use it just to test it even beyond OSI-US business. Just send a note out to list when you are going to use it.

    OSI-US Website
    Ed will convene a call about the OSI US website with a government focus. Suzanne will convene one with corporate as the focus. Several meetings so far have of meetings have been canceled so there is no progress to report.

    UK WOSonOS
    The organizers of the UK WOSonOS in 2012 are meeting tomorrow for the first wosonos steering committee. There is discussion of whether they form a UK OS Institute.

  • Meeting Date: 18 Apr 2011

    Board Notes — OSI-US, Thursday, 18 April 2011, 4:15– 5:15 PST

    Present: Christine, Karen, Doug, Suzanne, Ed and Lisa (briefly)

    Facilitator: Christine

    Notes taker: Suzanne

    There was a moment of silence followed by individual check-ins.

    1. First story, start providing content, with an invitational feel

    The intent was for Suzanne to publish a summary for the OS community of what transpired at our face-to-face retreat in Florida conveying the essence of our conversations. We wanted the write-up to have an invitational feel that would attract others everywhere (facilitators, groups and OS institutes) to join as we plan future initiatives and projects.  This write-up was posted on April 13, 2011.

    2. Purchase Skype Premium

    Harold purchased this on behalf of the board. We look forward to testing it at our next monthly board meeting.  Doug expressed he would like the opportunity to do a dry run from his location to confirm that it is working for him.

    3. Barry Owen to join the Board

    We were delighted to hear that Barry will be joining the Board.  Suzanne to follow-up on Peggy’s initial outreach to him explaining that we are in the process of choosing best day/time for future meetings and also to connect by phone as a way of making his first meeting as welcoming as possible.

    4.  More efficient meetings

    We agreed that an email will be sent out prior to our meetings to determine ahead of time who will be facilitating and who will be taking notes rather than discussing this at the actual meeting. A copy of the “bin” which serves as our basic agenda will also be sent. Suzanne to handle on a monthly basis.

    5. On Line Web presence

    Christine will be reaching out to Ed for government audience and Suzanne for corporate audience groups) as we seek to have tailored materials about Open Space for their needs.

    6.  Reimbursement by board members to cover expenses from face-to-face meeting

    Board members will cover part of the cost (food and a few miscellaneous expenses) ; the Board will assume the rest.  All members paid for  their own travel costs.

    7. Schedule meeting to draft the Open Space Minifesto-ing Invitation

    Doug has scheduled a meeting for Tuesday April 19th to discuss this initiative which is briefly described in the summary proceedings from our face-to-face Florida sessions.

    8. Revise the About page - Peggy, Harold and Lisa - 30 April 2011

    By way of email, Lisa has indicated that she sent a draft to Peggy and Harold and was suggesting that much of the text created for the Board welcome one-pager could be used for (also) the 'About' page.

    9. Next meeting (to be determined)

    Christine will be sending out a doodle to determine preferred time/date for our monthly meetings.

    Remaining Items in the Bin

    ·         Downloadable audio for understanding OS  Harold Shinsato

    ·         Learning Map Harold Shinsato

    ·         Bin Gardener Each Meeting

    ·         Host a clean-up of Wikepedia OST entry Harold Shinsato – 2 June 2011

    ·         On line web presence (Government - Ed; Corporate - Suzanne) Christine

    ·         Get a draft logo image  Peggy Holman – 30 April 2011

    ·         Revise the About page – Peggy, Harold and Lisa to review – 30 April 2011


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