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Board Minutes November 2018

Meeting Date: 
20 Nov 2018

Present: Karen Davis, Harold Shinsato, Barry Owen, Tricia Chirumbole, Kevin O'Brien

Moment of Silence and Check-ins

Note-taker: Harold, Facilitator: Tricia

WOSonOS 2019 in U.S. of A.

In keeping with one-less-thing-to-do, Harrison had shared with Karen some thoughts about possibly combining WOSonOS 2019 with the annual "opening space for peace and high performance” at International House in NYC. Also more recently he has been more limited in his mobility and energy for being present for anything more than an hour at a time, even if it is held in the DC area. Discussion included the increased room rental fees at International House (around $3000/day) and whether I-House could accommodate 200-250 people even in 2 concentric circles in Davis auditorium. However, there are numerous housing possibilities in the area. It was decided to continue exploring venues in the D.C. area. This includes Bolger Center (US Postal service and conference hotel near where Harrison lives), a location in D.C. where Agile Coach Camp was held that Tricia Chirumbole facilitated which was a nice space and had some wonderful history associated with it, as well as the Dulles airport hotels where the original OSonOS was held.

There was also discussion about the need to determine the venue soon in order to then decide pricing.  The WOSonOS 2018 in Iceland registration fee was about $400. The WOSonOS 2013 in Florida had three tiers, $500 the highest and $250 the lowest. Possible dates are in late October.  Also considered was the possibility of a OST training day just before the WOSonOS.

Peace and High Performance 2019

Main thing is getting the link and the website up. Harold will get something up on the website this evening. At least one person has already purchased her airline tickets from Canada, there is someone from Korea awaiting final approval to register, and possibly someone from France. Harold will put a checkbox to offer people membership in the OSI-US.

Sponsoring Agile Open Northwest 2019 in February

We're spending about $500 a year on sponsoring open spaces in the Agile world. How do we want to use our money?

Report on WOSonOS 2018 in Reykjavik

Genuine Contact work is very interesting, and using Whole Person Facilitation to help. There was a lot of interest in Agile and Open Space.

State of Open Space Survey

Kevin forwarded a communication since our last meeting about a contact from his connection with Organizational Network Analysis. That contact put him in touch with a professor at the University of Exeter, Andrew Parker, who thinks he can help us connect with a PhD student who would help us put together a survey. We will hold a conversation probably December 3 in the 10:30am-1:30pm eastern time frame. Kevin conveyed we are willing to invest $2000 for the health of a student. Kevin listened to Andrew Parker in a webinar. Kevin sent the contact in an email. The OSI-US has a research focus and we would like to invest in doing a survey. We will include Tom Brown who has volunteered his time to be part of a committee for this. There were also contacts from the WONonOS in Reykjavik who may also be interested.

The next meeting will be December 20, 6-7:30pm Eastern.



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