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Board Minutes September 2018

Meeting Date: 
17 Sep 2018

Minutes from the September board meeting:

Present: Tricia, Kevin, Harold, Mark
Not present: Karen, Barry

Moment of Silence & Check-ins


Harold attended Agile Open Southern California and promoted the OSI-US in the circle and in an Agile Coffee podcast last weekend. He also mentioned that an open space event is likely to happen at his current corporate client.

WOSonOS 2018:

Barry might attend; Harold might; Karen might; Tricia, Kevin, Mark not attending

No updates; no decisions or actions needed

WOSonOS 2019:

Are we interested in proposing? If we're not in Iceland, who & how to propose? Location identified. Date depends on Karen's schedule

International House 2019:

$1,000 sent to the venue; we are committed to that venue for Peace & High Performance 2019. Large rate increase may happen after 2019

Membership & Contact List Communication | GDPR examples, guidance | "State of Open Space"

In Harold's hands.

Kevin's game that "Opens Space"

Kevin works for a company that is creating a Virtual Reality game for training leaders; the game might have applications for Open Space

Clean Language

A helpful modality for generating the Theme and other prework, and for promoting Open Space. Helps facilitator become more fully present and invisible. We should test using Clean Language for prework and promoting Open Space before publicizing it as a technique.

Peace & High Performance 2018

A few financial items & final report remain to be done. Harold is working on those items

Online Open Space for Multistakeholder facilitator sustainability

Moved to "parked indefinitely"

Front Porch Chat Virtual invitation

Harold has some, wants more videos. Make this item into an ongoing program, with a formal website page - Harold will make the page.

Professor Emma Bell- Unconference research

Harold will follow up with her.

"Understanding Open Space" CDs

Harrison Owen approved giving it away for free. Proposal: make it a benefit of OSI-US membership, available on the OSI-US website - Kevin will research technical details (Sound Cloud, etc).

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Sheffield

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