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May 23rd meeting

Meeting Date: 
22 May 2019

Open Space Technology Institute US Board of Directors

May 23rd, 7 PM via Zoom


Present : Karen, Harold, Barry, Tricia, Kevin, Myriane, Mark, 

1. Sponsorship for Agile Open – Agile Alliance – Harold will sponsor 

2. WOSonOS organization notes

1.    Theme : Honoring the innefible spirit of OST?

1.1. Discussion around the word ineffable – there has been many discussions about it. Agreed that this is a good word to use to describe what OS is. Need to describe what that word means to be inclusive. 

2.    Invitation :

2.1. Who’s working on the invitation: Barry will draft something; Myriane will help with the designing of it. Barry will infuse the definition of ineffable. 

2.2. Timeline: Draft by the 23rd, 5PM, feedback from committee by the 24th.

3.    Online Registration: Pricing is important to figure out. We can add discount codes easily, but need to have 

3.1. Should we add sponsors to help cover the cost ?

3.2. Cost :

o  $350 for early bird (first 25 people, depending on sponsorship funds and add deadline, eg. End of July)

o  $425 till (date TBD)

o  $500 last minute registrations 

o  Cancellation policy – no cancellations only exchange.

4.    Budget : Myriane will send the OST budget that Suzanne provided to Barry

4.1. Deposit for International House will be at least double (around $5000), they may also want the final payment a month before. 

4.2. Contract for Cherry Hill will be sent by Harold. The cheque for the deposit has been sent.

5.    Lodging : Kevin sent out a document that Suzanne shared describing  the lodging options. Cherry Hill will hold 2 cabins and some log cabins for booking. We have to manage the reservations for the cabins. Kevin is managing these, possibly Tricia. Maybe the board rents out one of the cottages for the board members to stay. If the board rented 2 cottages, it would be $600 plus $30/person. We can make the rate to around $120/room (this would be paid directly to the Institute. 

Karen will look at the contract to see what needs to be done to book the space.

6.    Food : around $2500 a day for 60 people. Get some numbers for 150 ppl and revise (Myriane). Ask the café down there to see if they would provide coffee or tea in the morning. At the International House, it’s about 20-25 people a day. 

See if we can scale the lunch down to sandwiches / soup ?  We may look at the option of bringing in some of our own food. Barry will help Myriane.

7.    Gail West offered to sponsor someone to participate 

8.    Contact person on website for responding

o  Notices

o  Administrative access to the registration page

o  Barry will be added, along with Karen

o  Harold will create an email – WOSonOS2019 – Myriane will manage the email. 

9.    Next meeting – June 4th– Harold will send an invitation. 


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