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Board Minutes 2020 May 19

Meeting Date: 
19 May 2020

OSI US Board Meeting for May - 5/19/20

Present: Harold Shinsato, Mark Sheffield, Karen J Davis
Guest: Jake Yeager

Began with Silence and then Check-ins


Theory and Practice Discussion. Very interesting contrast of Open Space Technology, and open space (Sometimes called Little "o" open space.) Not getting too wrapped up in the form, and being more connected to the spirit.

Virtual OST Event for Enhancing Connections & Collaboration - Jake Yeager

Showed a proposal to sponsor an online virtual OST event that invite various groups that employ OST for greater collaboration, starting with a 10 person planning committee with representation from these different communities. Have an explicit action planning effort. Some target communities beyond the OST community: Genuine Contact, Applied Improvisation Network, National Coalition for Dialog & Deliberation

Likely impact all the employees of that organization. Seeking. In this case, we don't that kind of cohesion or impact. Love the transparency. If the invitation is clear, more of a statement to the list. And it says something like... in the spirit of diversity. Looking for some small number of people to help with the planning.

Next Meeting

June 16, 2020. 6-7:30pm edt.

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