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Board Minutes 2020 August 18

Meeting Date: 
18 Aug 2020

OSI-US Board Meeting, 18 August 2020, 6pm EDT

Present: Myriane Ouellette, Mark Sheffield, Jake Yeager, Karen J. Davis, Barry Owen

1 minute of silence

Peace & High Performance 2021

International House decided there will be no events there before April 2021. Therefore if we want to do something it will be virtual. It would be similar to the process to what is going right now with the online open space Jake is initiating. That's the update there. Harold will put a "Hold the Date" notice that we will have an online event. We could be physically together, those who were able to show up. Whereever it happens. We can easily plan for a virtual event. If we want, it is possible to do virtual. It will cost less. Harold will announce it. If we do the virtual OST, it is also possible to do a training.

Online OST

We had a 2 hour meeting yesterday. First session went well. We accomplished what we wanted to in that session and ended where we planned to end. We have tomorrow a session just for the East. To accommodate Susan Basterfeld. Saturday, large group. Finalize the theme. How best to do that. Virtual circle, 10 in the circle. Thomas Herrmann recommended we speak more slowly and encourage people to ask if they don't understand, and mentioned the Four Fold Way from Angeles Arien, which helped with supporting a multicultural group.

Pre-work was two questions. What challenges does this community face, and what does this community want more of? Six communities, Agile, Art of Hosting, Genuine Contact, Liberating Structures, OSList, Teal.

#1 Desire and need to connect between communities

Mind Map - What would you like to have happen as a result of the event? Friendships, connections, spurring a revolution, a new wave, New awakening, Creating sustainable communities out of this process, spark for more events & ongoing collaborations, Learn from and with other facilitators.

Experimenting with bridging communities to navite the paradigm shift, new era, How can we practice inclusivity and diversity in a world split by the Digital Divide?

Find a theme potentially rewarding to the community.

Mark asked, what is the specific paradigm shift? We are peeking in the pot and it looks we are rushing it, and we could talk for hours. And we all have that wanting to talk and discuss. But the process was very good, in just getting those things out, and on the table. Even if we are far from the final product.

Jake - considered the Medicine Wheel tool - look at the purpose and the business goal. Look at leadership, what is my role, what is my leadership role in this, then the vision - the outcomes, what is the community of stakeholders, and management- what are the dates, all that stuff. Give structure to that part of it.

How can we leverage each other - 6 disciplines and about 9 folks. What would my role be, sharing leadership right in the get go... and talk about this leadership factor - what kind of role. We can't impose a leadership role. They have to speak up.

Consider the roles for the rest of the conversation and be ready for the action planning.

Next Meeting

September 18, 2020. 6-7:30pm edt.

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