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Board Minutes 2019 July 16

Meeting Date: 
16 Jul 2019

OSI-US July Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Barry Owen, Harold Shinsato, Kevin O'Brien, Karen J. Davis
Absent: Tricia Chirumbole, Myriane Ouellette

We began near 6pm EDT with a moment of silence and check-ins. There was a signficant sense of being very busy and overcommitted in all the check-ins. Harold volunteered to be note taker and Barry, Bin Wrangler.

Agile Open SoCal

We are sponsoring the event. Colleen, one of the coordinators for the Agile Open SoCal, showed up at the Global Oasis for Emerging Leaders this past week that was convened by the two trainers we have invited to lead a training before WOSonOS, Anna Carolina Turk and Thomas Herrmann. It seems fortuitous that we are sponsoring the event.

IT Support Load

Harold welcomse volunteers to support him separate from the meeting, and that there are tasks on the website that non technical people could accomplish. Barry Owen said he would contact him.

WOSonOS 2019

Registrations are coming in. We have viral invitations spreading through the Genuine Contact and Agile communities. June 24 was the original deadline that Cherry Hill Park was reserving the premium cabins for WOSonOS attendees, but that was extended to July 23. There will be a Halloween event during WOSonOS, but only for overnight guests.

WOSonOS History Lesson

Harold Shinsato had attended the 8 day Genuine Contact Summer Academy, and learned things about early WOSonOS events from stories from Birgitt Williams as well as having had conversations with Peggy Holman. After the last Washington D.C. OSonOS, Birgitt and a group of women that included Ann Stadler and Peggy had invited first Harrison Owen into the center to hold space for Open Space, then asked him to step back and the Open Space Institutes to step to the center and then step back, and finally for the entire circle to then hold the space. Peggy said this was more significant to Birgitt perhaps than to others, but it is an explicit ingredient in the way Open Space and facilitation in general is taught in the Genuine Contact program. That is, an explicit hand off from the leader or leadership to the community to include them in the process. It was after this that the Open Space on Open Space events started becoming an annual WORLD Open Space on Open Space, and the next year it was in Canada.

Thomas Herrmann was involved in Open Space ongoing groups conversations that proceeded out of the early WOSonOS events. He facilitated several "Global Open Space". Larry Peterson was also involved, as was Karen Davis. We'd like to have a safe space for younger adults. Culturally, the communication style is different.

Barry has personal history working with Genuine Contact. He worked with them for a couple of years. What he sees happening right now, right before WOSonOS, everyoe I mentioned has been posting on LinkedIn. It is gaining attention. Doris Gottlieb is there. Anna Carolina, Thomas, and Doris were all at the 8 day Genuine Contact Summer Academy with Harold.

Next Meetings

The next board meeting will be a WOSonOS focused meeting on Tuesday August 6, 6-7:30pm EDT. And then the next regular board meeting will be at the regular date, August 20, 6-7:30pm EDT.

The meeting adjourned a bit before 7:30pm edt with checkouts that were universal in saying we all felt refreshed.


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