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Board Minutes 2020 June 16

Meeting Date: 
16 Jun 2020

Present: Jake Yeager, Harold Shinsato, Karen J. Davis, Mark Sheffield, Barry Owens, Myriane Ouellette

Minute of silence

Jake Yeager Induction

Harold moved, Mark seconded, that we accept Jake Yeager onto the board after he has been present for 3 consecutive board meetings. All approved. Harold will send the onboarding document to Jake (and Myriane).

Peace & High Performance 2021

When do we make the final decision? Karen will talk to International House to understand when we need to make the decision, or even if the facilties will be available.

OSI-US OST Online Event - Connecting & Collaborating

Looking at the documents tracking who we've spoken with. Good representation from Agile, from 'Matriarchs', and many others. Frances Barello - in order to heal a system - get it to talk to itself more. If we are going - address the issue we raise - if we are going to move forward with a theme and an invitation - it has to speak to all of the different communities we have identified. Based on the feedback we have received - What is In It for Them? For them to participate?

Reaching out to Lucas Cioffi - join with his efforts,

Diane Gibaut says the theme needs to reach everyone else - including non-open spacer's, people who practice it on a once in a while basis. She suggested a theme around thinking together, to be able to leverage the potential of our collaborative methods.

The theme and the invitation will be borne of the planning group. What can we do together that we can't do alone? How can we explore that?

We are inviting diversity - invite each one of these different people or methods together. Around a method? Or working with complex issues? We missed Appreciative Inquiry.

Karen said for the International OD Association, they have a third summit every 5 years apart. Bring people with similar values and practices. From that experience from what we talked about so far, no input about what has worked and not worked. It goes to personal contact.

Mark noticed a theme in several of the comments that resonated with him: the question of what would you like to have happen here. The abstract ideas are there. He asked what would you like to have happen if this event were to be wildly successful?

Myriane said she and Jake spoke about that in their initial conversations. We could essentially bring a group together from different spheres to discover that together for a 100% co-creative process. Really to see can we start exploring. And what she recommends, join a committee together go through Medicine Wheel together.

Jake concurred and offered a question for group around the purpose of the OSI. "Our purpose is to hold space for open space." We start with Open Space - those people have connections to make it even bigger.

A lot of Art of Hosting, everyone thinks they've been in an OST - then they come to OST and it isn't the same as what they came to. We are really using the principles. We are giving it the time. We are setting the stage properly. It educates without - come to one of our events. This is an event we want to share with the community with REAL open space.

This is a good opportunity to experience 'pure' open space. We don't have to be explicit with that. It can just be part of the process. Don't be dogmatic. Jake responded to Mark's point, he doesn't think we have take the feedback to heart - they want to know concretely. Let's just do it to do it - because we know it'll be.

Most people think linearly. We can't sell beyond the linear, even though that is what we are trying to sell. It's being dogmatic, instead find an Issue that all these people resonate with.

Someone said the theme is staring us in the face, we as facilitators are going to be called upon, and we are going to be truly busy post covid 19, figuring out what this is doing to our systems and how we are going to navigate it.

Barry's input: I like and I know what is going to be is pure OST - and everyone gets that. Not understanding, but it's what we deliver. Initial excitement, all the folks different ways of opening space, whatever you call it - don't want to call it methods as that is labeling. One of the real values is all these people do it differently get to get together and learn how they are doing it. and everyone comes away with a different perspective. Just the word Diversity. This isn't any different from different cultures how we are going to emerge from a pandemic. Everyone will have their own perspective based on their beliefs.

Myriane moved that we get a team together. Is everyone on board with this idea? Myriane already has one person at least from AofH to participate. Facilitate a Medicine Wheel tool process.

Moved and passed unanimously to assemble a team from multiple communities to create an Online OST with a committee from multiple facilitation communities.

Karen will explore in the Dispute Resolution Community.

This video shows a valuable conversation about hosting online Open Space events from the Devoted and Disgruntled community:

Next Meeting

July 21, 2020. 6-7:30pm.

Checked out 7:28pm

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