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2011 Annual Retreat - Task Oriented Outcomes

Meeting Date: 
04 Apr 2011




2011 Annual Meeting Task Oriented Outcomes

April 4, 2011


We identified work in three broad thematic areas:

  • Grounding our purpose

  • Open Space Manifesto-ing
  • Resourcing Open Space

The notes that follow describe key ideas and actions in each arena.

A few incidentals, items for the bin, and our individual offerings are also below.

  • Purpose

PURPOSE, as stated In our by-laws:

The Open Space Institute(US) holds space for Open Space. Open Space Institute(US) serves by:

  • Providing access to resources on Open Space,
  • Connecting individuals and groups to inform, inspire, mentor, and sustain each other in opening and holding space, AND
  • Being an inclusive learning community.
  • What shorthand language brings us back to the energy of Harold’s picture?  E.g., Cultivating the community of practice/network or Connecting people who are opening space
  • Principle of simplicity: what are the trim tab activities?
    • Manifesto: Focusing question
    • Resources for different audiences to Open Space: Connecting the community (resources)
  • Next steps


  • Open Space Wo-Manifesting
    • Purpose: Create a credential without certification.  Legitimize without constricting.
    • Design a process that invites people to sign on to the manifesting and its creation
    • Next steps
      • Clarify a focusing question the manifesto
        • E.g., What does it mean to open space?
      • Design a process
      • Draft an invitation
      • On point: Harold & Doug
        • Thinking partners: Peggy, Lisa, Karen


  • Resourcing opening space
    • Purpose: Increasing accessibility to a variety of audiences
    • Develop materials for target audiences: e.g., corporations, communities, government agencies
      • Consider running contests to attract artwork, stories, other materials.
      • Establish a “go to” site for OS that works for these different audiences.
      • Create Open Space Institute Fellows
      • Market the materials as a revenue source for OSI-US
      • Note: the notes about designing an architecture are more wide-ranging as the discussion happened during the “what’s next” conversation.
      • Design an architecture – a rigorous and resilient frame
        • Fund it through an RFP process
        • Engage people who are passionate in their foresight
        • Share materials across institutes and world-wide groups
        • Be mindful of Christopher Alexander’s quality without a name
        • Bring old content (later)
          • AI practitioner – AI and OS issue
          • At Work issue
          • Stories, the OSI-US newsletter
        • Notes on stories/curation
          • With attribution
          • Ask questions that invite stories
        • Asset mapping
        • OS US Web site
          • Help us see who we are
          • A place for the living questions
        • First story, from Suzanne’s voice.  Start providing content, with an invitational feel – Suzanne (April 11)
          • Pay it forward
          • Praise it forward
          • Stories, from the inside out
          • Honoring the elders
        • Next steps
          • Convene call on OS US Web site
            • Governmental language
            • Corporate language
          • First story, start providing content, with an invitational feel
            • Pay it forward
            • Praise it forward
            • Stories, from the inside out
            • Honoring the elders
          • Wikipedia
  • Incidentals



  • Convene call on OS US Web site  - Christine (mid-April)
    • Governmental language – Christine and Ed
    • Corporate language – Christine and Suzanne
  • First story, start providing content, with an invitational feel – Suzanne (April 11)
  • Wikipedia – Harold  (start in early June)
  • Setting up a communication around manifesto-ing: inviting the question, opening to the community, process – Harold & Doug (schedule by April 11, conversation by May 1)
  • Ask Steven about creating an image for our logo (3 intersecting ripples) – Peggy (April 30)
  • Revise the about page – Peggy, Harold & Lisa review (Peggy - April 30)
  • Reach out to Barry Owen for the board, “draft the board packet” – Peggy  - April 30
  • Set up Skype for OSI-Board calls - Harold for next call
  • Reimburse for travel to/from board meeting - Harold



Lisa’s offerings

  • Resources for different audiences, tools and concrete things, feedback on access (does it read for everyone? Is it universal lanague? Are we working across culture?)
  • Support for Fellows
  • Helping ID language, requirements for invitations, for requests we put out and that come to us
  • Materials development – look at how what we put out can be spun off for other memes.
  • “Contests” – language, why, wherefore, what you get, what’s it mean
  • Co-ownership – always having the other institutes at our side, including income generation


Karen’s offerings

  • Reflecting, feedback on anything, everything
  • World-wide open space connections – with Harold


Peggy’s offering

  • I’ll be a thinking partner
  • I’ll be here until I’m no longer needed


Christine’s offerings

  • Steward the collection working on lanaguage for the web so that its appealing, inviting to all kinds of people
  • Thinking partner on other things.  If you need me ask.
  • I’m here until you no longer need me.


Suzanne’s offerings

  • The invitaitnoal spirit of OS, all voices past, present, future
  • My approach speaking with vulnerability so that others feel they can speak their truth
  • Start with the story that tells about what the board has done, as an opening, guided by wise voices, that don’t quell my voice
  • Working on the corporate voice with Christine and others
  • Fellows – see where that leads, hear personal experiences of what that might mean based on what has meaning for them


Harold’s offerings

  • The things I signed up for
  • Edge on OS Manafesting


Doug’s offerings

  • Invite life and living into the community, inviting questions that invite life in both manifestoing and resourcing




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