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Working with the Institute

Would you like to work with the Open Space Institute U.S.?

Do you have an idea that you'd like the OSI-U.S. to help you realize?

Most frequently, activities in the Open Space community work best when some one or some group takes responsibility for a project with their own passion and energy.

That said, there can be mutual benefits to both your possibility and to the Institute if we were to collaborate, co-host, or co-sponsor your idea.

  1. The shared mission of our community and the Institute could be advanced.
  2. Funds could be raised for a relevant cause or for the Institute.
  3. Grants and tax deductible donations may become possible because of our 501(c)(3) non-profit status.
  4. The status and significance of both the possibility and the partnership with the Institute could be enhanced.

Of course, our mission of "holding space for open space" is the most important and relevant benefit of any possible project we take on. The financial benefits are secondary.

The Open Space Institute U.S. does take on projects with some financial outlay and potential legal liability. These projects benefit from our official status as an entity in the U.S. They almost if not always include the direct involvement of board members. Projects that have required or benefit from our status as a legal non-profit have included events like the World Open Space on Open Space in 2013, and the annual Opening Space for High Performance and the Practice of Peace. We host the OSList listserv. And we sponsor the OSHotline's Zoom video conferencing. We have also offered purely financial sponsoring to some events, including the 2015 Agile Coach Camp U.S., and the 2015 World Open Space on Open Space in Poland.

These are our current criteria for determining whether we can take on any possible project:

  1. The possibility must have clear potential to advance the mission of the Institute.
  2. The possibility must not pose any significant financial or legal risk.
  3. Any finances involved must be directly handled by the Institute, or must involve very clear and detailed transparency.
  4. There must be buy in from the Board based on capacity and willingness.

While it’s best if you take responsibility for a worthy possibility, if you think there might be a benefit to our working together, invite us.

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