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September 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
20 Sep 2022

Board Meeting Minutes September 20, 2022

Present: Karen J. Davis, Rijon Erickson, Susan Liao, Harold Shinsato, April Jefferson
Guests: Lena West for first 35 minutes.


Opened with a couple minutes of silence followed by check-ins.

Check-in themes: Agile Open Camp, Willem Larsen’s Thermodynamics of Emotion in Portland, Future of Work, The importance of the seas and the climate issue, Little Amal Puppet Iranian Girl focusing on immigration and its importance, non-open space work evolving, expanding open space work, balance, pockets of opportunity, liminality and interstitial, open space education, Purple Squirrel Cafe’, Awe of all things Open Space, Questions at Reimagining Unconference, Prioritizing People, learning more, lending our skill sets.

Harold was note taker. Rijon volunteered as bin gardener. We added “experimenting with Open Space” to the bin, and revived the Future of Work.

Agile Open Camp

The sponsorship check was in the mail so it should be good. April says she enjoys online and hybrid, but it was wonderful doing it in person. The open large hanger space did not spread covid. It felt rustic and a startup kind of thing. April was exhausted from the travel (but Harold says she did great). April didn’t connect with the theme of “take flight” until shortly before the event and invited people to share their metaphors to take flight, and used the flight metaphor to relate to the law and principles (like “the law of two wings”). Before the market place was opened, April shared a campfire song, and we started the closing with the same camp song, Make New Friends. It was very unscripted.

Harold says integrating the theme of the event with the principles was definitely notable and it helped. Also that something April has often done to help public open spaces really consider the theme, and she invited this time metaphors from the circle. April does not relate to open spaces without good themes. Susan sees this theme as the resonance that happened through the Re-imagining Unconference. Getting confortable with making the strong invitation and letting go, rather than dotting i’s and crossing t’s. The Future of Work folks met for a year every week after the first conference.

Willem Larsen was present and is doing a full out open space in October. Thermodynamics of Emotion. Harold highly recommends it and will be going.

Unpacking Hybrid Open Space

The OSI-US supported this conversation online about hybrid open spaces (both in person and online). It was a live conversation. A mix of conversations. It was recorded and it’s on YouTube and LinkedIn. Birgitt Williams and Tony Budak were there, and there were other old timers who really appreciated the conversation. Birgitt declared her self-proclaimed purism versus Tony Budak’s declared joy at process experimentation. People are interested in how we are experimenting. Our members would like to have more gatherings. There’s an interest in more training on one end of the spectrum, and others just want to dive in. Questions, am I good enough, am I ready to lead? The questions are more alive, the feeling of not knowing, of belonging, and being with the spirit of a group.

Karen had some trouble getting into the technology. Harold mentioned for online open spaces it’s important to have a low tech way to get help (the Lisa Heft high-tech version of accessibility.)

Susan is interested in process experimentation. Mark Kilby introduced Susan to Volley (to send audio and text back and forth asynchronously). Or Marko Polo. It’s like turn taking in Liberating Structures. So you don’t have to schedule times to meet.

Harold celebrated this work and how valuable it is to bring life the value of the purism at the same time as process play. There would be a value in the conversation. Open Space versus Open Space Technology. Art happens on the boundaries.

Does Susan want to host another conversation? Maybe a monthly event, two hours each.

Re-Imagining Unconference

All the feedback was positive. We had 125 registered and confirmed. 75 attended the opening. 45-50 at the closing.

Susan is meeting with Lucas and the Re-imagining Unconference about their planned hybrid event. Do we want to leverage QiqoChat more? QiqoChat can integrate with email. Lucas sponsored the $280 cost for Re-imagining Unconference of QiqoChat.

They used Google Sheets as their sign up rather than Miro, because it was simpler. And it worked well. Followed Heidi’s Excell in view mode, and a separate tab where they could write in from QiqoChat. It helps to have a tech person for using the LinkTracker. Most of the work is setting up the template the first time.

Future of Work

April didn’t invite any of those souls to join the board. We’ve only space for two, and we have six possible prospects from the five at Future of Work as well as Lena who came today. We just want to make sure the candidates are aware of our limits, and we may need to make decisions.

Peace and High Performance 2023

Karen is more confortable with it being a hybrid event. There’s good technology to do good audio and video to make a hybrid event. Karen will ask Victor if we can test the Owl remote meeting.

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