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August 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
16 Aug 2022

Board Meeting Minutes August 16, 2022

Present: Karen J. Davis, Rijon Erickson, Susan Liao, Harold Shinsato, April Jefferson

Welcome Susan Liao

The board voted unanimously to welcome Susan Liao onto the board with her third consecutive monthly board meeting attendance. We discussed limiting new additions to the board according to our current number of seven, and waiting a little to add new members to adjust to the latest two additions of Rijon and Susan.

Sponsoring Grieving & Thriving 8/20

The OSI-US will sponsor the Grieving & Thriving online open space on QiqoChat on August 20. We'll just be a media sponsor, no cash. Next month we'll have a report post event.

Sponsoring Re-imagining Unconference 8/18

Harold agreed to send the sponsorship funds ($500). Susan Liao acknowledged sponsorship on the event website already.

Sponsoring Agile Open Northwest Camp

The OSIUS will sponsor the AONW Camp, an in person experience happening 9/9-10 at $250.

Summber 2023 Oline Event

Potential date to be discussed after the September 2022 WOSonOS.

How to Hybrid Open Space

April Jefferson and Susan Liao would like to offer a “How to Hybrid Open Space” as a dialog for the open space community, about doing simultaneous online and in-person online events. April and Susan plan to meet and coordinate.

Peace and High Performance 2023

We discussed the need for a contract from International House. We don’t have that yet. Will we have Harrison Owen on the bigt screen? Can we have someone else there (in person), as a featured speaker.


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