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June 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
21 Jun 2022

OSI-US Board Minutes June 21, 2022

Present: Karen J. Davis, April Jefferson, Harold Shinsato
Guests: Rijon Erickson, Susan Liao

Began with minute of silence and checkins.

Checkin Themes: OSList migration, Barcelona ODNetwork, Bilbao WOSonOS, Hybrid Open Space, Great resignation and layoffs, Comfort with discomfort, Good Health News, Changing world, Bringing open space to places it's foreign to is exciting, hybrid and liberatory spaces, needed guidance and structure, allowing for grief and joy, celebrating the small.

Future of Work 24 Hours joining OSI-US

April and Susan are both part of the Future of Work 24 Hours. No progress so far.

New Board Members

We have two new prospective board members. Rijon and Susan. We ask that new board members attend three meetings before they are welcomed onto the board. There is a board member onboarding document on the website.

April says we're not really selecting. If they show up, do something simple. The onboarding, feel free to contact anyone of us about anything. It's not just at meetings. We don't really have officer positions.

OSList Update

It's going well.

Peace & High Performance 2023

Opening Space for Peace & High Performance: it's been a quarter of a century around the MLK weekend at International House (Columbia) in Manhattan. It's a theme as well as training oriented Open Space to give people a chance to practice elements of facilitation. We have been virtual the last two years. This coming year Karen is still negotiating the finances for a live OST again. Assuming that the pandemic doesn't interfere again. They've been doing renovation and prices are going up. Last info they would be charging separately for the Home room and the Hallway of History. That's a significant change. Still waiting for the VP to get back to her, but she said we can't afford that. 1800 a day before. Now it would be more than twice that. Haven't heard back from him. We want to do at least one more time if it's not that much more. Our registration fee has suggested prices, though we generally allow people to pay what they can after a conversation with Karen. We depend a lot for the higher contributions. We've been positive the last five or six years, but we have lost money in the past.

Karen: usually November is when the invites go out. We discussed options if International House is not practical. Hybrid might be possible. April says we need more than a good wifi connection. On camera agreements. And we need a shared audio connection in the physical room.

Susan offered another lens: who are we inviting into the space? Location based. Exploring possibilities, extending the dialog. Real hybrid might need a good AV system in each breakout space as well as the main room.

Harrison will be virtually present, and still be a host, but not do a presentation.

Mission & Vision

Holding Space for Open Space to become opening space for open space?

Next Meeting

Tuesday July 19, 2022 - 6-7:30pm edt

Checkouts at 7:30pm


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