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May 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
24 May 2022

OSI-US Board Meeting May 24, 2022

Present: Harold Shinsato, Karen J. Davis, April Jefferson
Guest: Rijon Erickson

We began with a moment of silence at 6pm edt and checkins.

Future of Work 24 Hours Report

What is possible if OST principles are true? Started earlier, more even participation through the different circles, less U.S. and English centric. More communities were present through opening up the invitation. The proceedings, something new, all volunteer led. Experiment with sense making, is there something that bubbles up with that? Some conversations have lived over a year and are still living.

The event is not managed by a non-profit, so there is risk of individuals facing audits. The energy of volunteers is very strong and has created a community of communities. It would very much help to have board members from their organization. We should explore it more, and make it an agenda item for the next time. Or maybe they should start their own non-profit. There are other non-profits that will do this work.

New Board Members - Rijon Erickson

Rijon is considering joining the board. This was his first visit of three visits as a guest before he can be admitted by our current on boarding process for new board members.

Exploring potential for conflict and diversity, while the world is in the crunching out of spirit that Rijon experienced in Agile. And with Rijon's background as a jazz musician, it's life, it's true analog, it's improvisation. Stand up for love and life, the heart and the spirit that gets forgotten. He comes from the Grieving and Thriving event series which Harold and Rijon have been supporting. Grieving and Thriving might come to the OSI-US as a sponsoring home. Rijon brings some of the spirit from that online open space event that came out of 2022 Peace and High Performance.

"Thank you for being you," would that could be said in every container.

We are a broad community across many cultures and locations around the world.

Work on some poetry about this theme, to offer it. In the squeezing there is a release that needs to happen, and an allowing. There is a unity around the world that needs to be received.

Rijon went to college to study jazz and his main instrument is the bass guitar. Ron Carter luminary jazz bass guitarist.

OSList Update

The OSList used to have a poet laureate. It hasn't really been a living practice for maybe ten years.

Agile and Open Space

Harold reported how April Jefferson's work with Agile Open Northwest has been legendary with how she helped new voices.

Peace and High Performance 2023

About 25 years we've been gathering annually at International House which houses students around the world attending Columbia University in NYC. Harrison Owen was involved early, and the last several years virtually. He was available this year just briefly. It has brought people from around the world in person, and virtual. April and Myrianne Ouellette did a fantastic job doing it virtually. We want to do at least one more at International House regardless of the pricing. The price has not gone up that much. We are paying for both the main room and the hall of history. It will be separate pricing. The cost has been about $9k, people pay what they can but suggested pricing. We've had surplus the last several years. The OSI-US was involved when we started accepting financial registrations and has been more involved in the planning and organizing. IH is holding the place January 13-15, Friday-Saturday. Karen is working on the contract. Part of the expenses have included a continental breakfast and a lunch voucher. One of the biggest open spaces there was with Harrison Owen after 9/11.

Next Meeting Tuesday June 21, 2022

Rijon might be late.

Checkouts 7:30pm


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