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April 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
19 Apr 2022

OSI-US Board Meeting April 19, 2022

Present: Karen J. Davis, April Jefferson, and Harold Shinsato.

Started with a moment of silence and checkins 6:10pm edt. Checkin comment: The work is not done, and Open Space has made such a difference was reflected in the check-ins.

Peace and High Performance 2022 & 2023

Sending PDF for the Peace & High Performance 2022 proceedings - first to the participants - then get an update. April will send a message to Myriane to get it exported to a PDF.

For the future, Karen had a good conversation with Maxine at the International House. She was in and out of the open spaces. She's been at I-House for 27 years and spent the last few weeks orienting the next president. I-House is in a lot of refurbishing which includes the Hall of History outside the Home room which we've used for years. Renamed to Kurcaeu (sp). The only thing up in the air is that they will have guest rooms again, hopefully before January 2023. It will be the same food service. A new AV person. Victor is the VP of facilities which will be our liaison in the future. Victor will know the rates for next year, which will be increased. Clarabell was on her way going into Mexico, and helped on the financial side. We never paid for AV in the past. They know the dates, January 13-15, 2023 if we keep our usual dates. Noticed in older minutes, the in-person Open Space being in October. We need to be clear about it.

It would be great if we could do something in person and online.

Karen wanted to get materials to Maxine to pass on to Victor. Maxine was impressed with how long we've been there. Get the cover sheet of the virtual experience. Fall and September are very heavy months for people going places. Exactly the same time that things are going on in Bilbao, the International OD will be meeting in Barcelona. Make it so people could go to both. The policy of annual negotiation is unlikely to change since International House prioritizes their own use of their facilties, so we don't get confirmation until the summer before.

We recorded a description and demo of the QiqoChat online space for Peace and High Performance.

AONW 2022

April particpated as a producer for Agile Open Northwest 2022 which we sponsored. Harold and Charlie Colpitts represented the OSI-US and Harold delivered the 1 minute sponsor description. The event was very powerful and very well attended (over 200 people). Harold felt it was well worth the sponsorship investment.

Future of Work 24 Hours

We are sponsoring the next Future of Work 24 Hours coming in May that April Jefferson founded. April is sharing how they bring about more language inclusion to say how every language be the right language. A live translation with Microsoft Language Translator, so people can dialog back and forth. Doing a lot of global open spaces speaking in different languages. Keep pursuing the principles and law even further and growing it.

We have done some promotion as the OSI-US, and we will do more.

Do a 20 minute live conversation talk to help promote the Future of Work 24 Hours.

New Board Members

Susan Liao is quite busy according to her calendar. Susan is in Portland. Karen will reach out. We will consider inviting interest in board membership at the Future of Work 24 Hours. Harold will also mention this need in the proceedings announcment to Peace & High Performance.

Next Meeting

Tuesday May 24, 2022. 6-7:30pm would be better for Karen, so we will reserve that date unless we get notice from Karen.

Check outs 7:30pm


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