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March 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
15 Mar 2022

OSI-US March 15, 2022

Present: Karen J. Davis, Myriane Ouellette, April Jefferson, Harold Shinsato

Began with a moment of silence and checkins.

The teal community something to look at. OSI-US has a lot of the characteristics of Teal.The Teal around the World conference was excellent.

Myriane stepping back

Myriane is stepping back from the board. Use her two feet to concentrate on the new part of her career. Wanted to assure us that the conferences and speaking and the book is very much linked to Open Space. Effortts need to be concentrated there. Super hard.

She’s not saying good-bye, but moving forward into her commitment to Open Space. Make open space and opening space accessible to everyone. Practice every day, circle work. Speaking and writing a book.

Transforming the way education is happening in New Brunswick. Running their meetings in open space, and taking it out to the class room.

So much power in open space, opening space constantly. Platforms are different. The impact is wider than the interventions that we are doing.

New Board Members

Line Mørkbak declined joining the board, very busy.

Opening Space

other avenues. open sessions. podcasts. what does the community need. great to talk about elephants in the room. Opening space for the elephant in the room - the moose in the room. larger contextual - a woman that was involved. In Peace & High Performance. She committed to doing som Susan Tovald? She made the comment about the board, maybe I’m on the board.


Open space OSList - evolution what is open space, what the grounding and the defining. It took a number of years before it was even referred to as self-organizing.

Maybe we should move from hodling space for open space to just opening space for open space.

Karen - teen agers and adults, we’re at another point.

It’s about stewarding the practice.

Get back to that kind of energy. Maybe set up one of those gatherings - we can’t wait for spain.

Inviting stewards of open space - carying on this practice and sharing it. Lots of training. It’s about building capacity. How might we as an organization take more of a position of steward. Instead of holding it in.

Next Meeting

April 19, 2022.


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