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Annual Member Meetup for 2022 Notes

Meeting Date: 
15 Jan 2022

Annual Member Meeting 2022 for the OSI-US

In attendance: Harold Shinsato, Line Morkbak, Karen J. Davis, Myriane Ouellette, Tom Brown, April Jefferson, Susan Liao, Barry Owen, Charlie Colpitts

This was also our montly board meeting for January 2022. We met on Zoom as usual, but from within the Opening Space for Peace and High Performance QiqoChat platform.

Minutes of Silence and Check-ins at 3:30pm EST

Harold was the note taker. We did not have a single facilitator. It was held in the spirit of an open space breakout session. These notes are not very complete. As a general description, there was great energy for understanding the Open Space Institute - U.S., our process for meetings, as well as the vision and needs of the Open Space community, with questions as well as ideas from beyond the board.

Lots of questions. We were going all over the map.

  • How we brand ourselves.
  • How we turn the new mission work into clear and compelling text to share.
  • We're looking for new blood on the board.
  • Our mission is holding space for open space.
  • Supporting research.
  • Find a grad student - Harrison did something with a shoe company.
  • A survey of open space practitioners.
  • Open Space spreading - to anchoring it in the experience of great open spaces.
  • People being in open spaces that aren't real open space.

Notes on Accessibility:

  • Initial question - why open space?
  • Future of Work portal
  • Tensions in the typical work environment
  • More ways in which power is distributed

Susan mentioned her plan for an open space with Startups for All - Public Education for social entrepreneurship. What is the ecosystem that helps people thrive? What opportunities?

Line Morback shared her view that it's about persistence. Establishing a world view. It contains and molds your experience. You look at things a certain way. Don't think we should be targeting facilitators and leaders. We should be looking at people at helping people.

The board members present approved sponsoring and supporting the next Future of Work 24 Hours that April is leading as well as the even that Susan Liao for social entrepreneurship later in 2022.


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