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December 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
14 Dec 2021

OSI-US Board Meeting December 14, 2021

In attendance: Karen J. Davis, Harold Shinsato and April Jefferson

Minute of silence and checkins at 6pm EST

Peace & High Performance

Suzanne Daigle has shifted her priorities and won't help with the invitation process of the event. The energy there is significant. Harrison was still open to be a host, but he won't do a morning reflection but he would be present to be available to people. The current invitation text created will need refinement. April wondered if we can we reduce it to a single day or two day. Karen doesn't think it's the days that makes a difference. The purpose is to learn more about facilitation and become more comfortable with it. A chance to practice. Morning announcements, evening news. April can hold on the producer role to host of facilitation. Suzanne helped with invitations and proceedings. The proceedings can be quite simple and get a PDF of the proceedings if we use a tool like Miro. April can show up in the producer role.

We can include training in the online hosting open space as part of the invitation. Harold suggested it would be useful to headline April because of her leadership role in hosting online open spaces. We can also do pair facilitation. April does that as well.

We decided to continue with a three day event and add the producer role as part of the Open Space training aspect. The times being 11am-3pm EST.

Suzanne had taken the lead on marketing so we will need to pick up her marketing role. April recommends LinkedIn for professionals. We have multiple ways. Some of the marketing has already been done.

AONW Sponsorship

The OSI-US has sponsored the Agile Alliance recognized Agile Open Northwest event in the past. It is one of the most important Open Space events for the Agile community. The board approved sponsorship at the $500 level.

State of Washington Non-Profit Law Changes

Peggy Holman, who started the OSI-US, brought to our attention significant changes to the laws for non-profits in the State of Washington where we are incorporated. This will require study and attention.

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