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November 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
16 Nov 2021

OSI-US Board Meeting November 16, 2021

In attendance: Harold Shinsato, Karen J. Davis, April Jefferson

Annual Membership Meeting

We could have a session as a room in Peace and High Performance for members as our official one to reset it to the beginning rather than the end of the year. Make membership a value and do that at Peace & High Performance. April moved that we do that. Harold seconded. We approved unanimously.

Peace & High Performance

We've agreed not to use Eventbrite and we'll continue to use QiqoChat connected to our website (civicrm). The time zones need to get worked out. Having two openings each day. January 14,15, & 16. EST 10-3, and another circle. The Asia opening will probably happen earlier. Harold will copy the current invitation text into the website. Much work has been put into the invitation between Karen, April and Suzanne Daigle.

Next Meeting December 14, 2021 6-7:30pm EST.

It will be both our final board meeting of the year and the Annual Membership Meeting.

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