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September 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
21 Sep 2021

OSI-US Board Meeting September 21, 2021

In attendance, Jake Yeager, Karen J. Davis, Harold Shinsato, Myriane Ouellette, April Jefferson

Minute of Silence and then check-ins.

Harold note taking, Myriane facilitating

Jake announced he needs to step away from the board effective at the end of this meeting.

International House

We will just do another virtual Opening Space for Peace and High Performance in 2022. An in person one will be expensive. Don't see it being an option. Also, many people's finances are not ready for in person events. There might be special insurance impacts. If we do it online in QiqoChat, April can help make it amazing because of her involvement in developing QiqoChat.

Think about in person open spaces outdoors next summer maybe. We will go virtual and with QiqoChat. There are a ton of improvements in QiqoChat especially with managing and production. April thinks we should start planning in October. Our circle has over 400 members there. We have large Facebook and LinkedIn groups and the OSList. We will take our learnings from the last Peace & High Performance and Flourishing Futures. Just design the program we want to put out, and how we want to reach out. Do we do a committee? We don't usually do the planning in the board meetings. Usually it's between Karen, Suzanne, and Harold. It did not start as an OSI event. A save the date was out maybe in October. Maybe the board could be more involved this time to ensure sustainability to keep this up beyond this year. Karen J. Davis and now also Suzanne Daigle have been carrying the spirit of Peace & High Performance. Karen won't be convening forever, and she is up for us all as a board getting involved.

Harold expressed how this event may be our most important legacy to maintain and carry forward into the future.

Looking forward to having the space in Peace & High Performance where they dream up and continue beyond those three days and we have a space for them to do so. We have a generative community. Our Flourishing Futures was by donation. And trusting that it will work itself out. It could live on. And they could donate to that space to keep it alive. Jake had a thought of the framework for the OSI funding project. Suzanne is busying traveling.

Women In Agile Open Sponsorship

Harold moved that we sponsor the online Women in Agile Open hosted by the Agile Alliance as an online event. Karen seconded. Approved unanimously.

OSI Funding Proposal

No further actions? We're planning to allocate funds from Flourishing Futures via this process which we will start in October. There was some feedback from a lawyer which we will consider as we move forward.

Mission & Vision

From the vision work we did, would be good to set some actions for this. We talked about this today. Is what we are doing aligning with our purpose. It is a great reminder for what we are taking on. What do we need to add to our list of action items?

What is the meaning of membership? We will try to support our members. We can do member events.

For website improvement, they would get us something that would improve it.

Pair writing? Karen can't commit until the middle of October. Calling for volunteers, that can be useful. Harold puts things out to the community to get others to be involved. We need to put our vision work currently expressed in snippets in the visual Miro Board into words for the website. What are the key elements we want to see? Sense making of existing documentation and copy on the website, and understanding key messages. We are talking about legacy and the past, and far distant creative future and balancing the two.

Next Meeting Tuesday October 19, 2021 6-7:30pm EST


Much gratitude to Jake Yeager as a wonderful person. Grateful for our direction in conveying our best through our website. Looking forward to the future of the board. Spirit and love and belief around Open Space both here and in other contexts. We ended at 7:30pm edt.

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