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Meetings Note

Meeting Date: 
20 Sep 2015

Participants: Harold, Tricia, Dan, Suzanne, Karen, Kevin

Bin Gardner: Harold

Note taker: Kevin

Moment of Silence and Check – in

Discussion Topics:

1. Amazon Affiliate status has earned the institute money off of nuts, herbs, and some non Open Space related book sales

2. OSI Chapters

-       Agile Boston has had 9 or 10 Open Spaces since 2009

-       Resolutely socializing Open Space around Boston

-       No formal membership right now

-       Could pay $700 to $2000/yr for chapter status back to OSI to make it official

-       Agile user groups could be affiliated OSI

-       Agile Boston could be the pilot chapter

-       Mark Kilby in FL has also been using Open Space heavily in Agile group meetings

-       The board is supportive of deepening the conversation around Chapters (or circles) on the agenda.

3. There is a desire to start planning International House 2016

-       Suzanne has started inviting. Already has 4 people tentatively signed up.

-       We don’t have the space confirmed yet at International House. Asked for Friday, Saturday, Sunday time slot.

-       Harold would like to start the Eventbrite invitation now

4. Theory U and Open Space – Otto Sharmer work promotes concepts that blend well with Open Space. Many people who are taking his class are people that could find open space facilitation useful in it’s simplicity.

5. Gathering virtually with long term experienced Open Space practitioners to share wisdom with those who are seeking it. Conversations would be question oriented. Explore deeper ideas that we’re often too busy to deal with. Have a core group of people involved to handle the technical aspects. Imagine something like this could be happening once a month. Could fall into a regular pattern one a month or once every two months. Once other piece, is that we speak from listening for guidance. It is a way of opening to the whole field of spirit via conscious conversations.

Next Meeting: 19 October 2015

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