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Richard Dolman: What's so great about Open Space Technology?

Suzanne Daigle: What's so great about Open Space Technology?

Anne Stadler: What's so great about Open Space Technology?

Open Space 'New Women For New Egypt'

See how Open Space Technology has been used in Egypt after the revolution in the wonderful short video.

US West Open Space - A True Story

Enjoy this historical video of an Open Space event held at US West in 1995 which helps describe what Open Space is, how it works, and the impact through the lens of some real issues at a real company. Thank you Peggy Holman for making this video available!

Girl Scouts National Convention - Large Open Space

Over 1400 convened one of the largest Open Space Technology events in North America when the Girl Scouts 50th National Convention met in 2005. This video documented the experience including interviews with leaders and girl scouts about how self-organizing Open Space Technology enlivened their convention.


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