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September 2011

Meeting Date: 
19 Sep 2011

Harold, Barry, Christine, Suzanne, Ed, Doug

Moment of Silence followed by a brief update from each attendee

Bin Clean-up
Recommended that if an item in the bin has not been addressed for discussion/action, it will be removed after 3 months.

Downloadable audio
Harold will not be pursuing getting an iTunes or other online location to sell Harrison Owen's "Understanding Open Space" audio further. If someone else wants to pick this up, we can add it back to the bin.

Haiti Open Space Training
Mark this item as complete (donation for their training program); follow-up with a letter by no later than November (Suzanne to do) advising that it will not be possible to sustain the level of funding of past few years. Our budget will not permit the past level of contribution in the future.

Open Space Manifesting Document
This idea of creating such a document was in response to the fact that some people facilitating Open Space events do not fully understand what’s behind the process, intent and principles outlined in Open Space Technology.  Hence the comments we hear that an OS event was not really done in Open Space. It was felt that a declaration document of some sort that facilitators in our OS Community could read and sign might bring attention to what Open Space represents in its simplicity of application and the depth that it invites.  A manifesto document could raise awareness and create more clarity among facilitators about what constitutes Open Space which  transcends methodology leading to a powerful approach that invites deep transformation. Harold Shinsato, who posted this topic at the Annual Institute Board Retreat this summer, had initially intended to work with a team. Now in the interest of greater clarity, he felt it would be better if he put his thoughts on paper by himself first.   The group then had a long discussion on this topic that went from “How would we know if the Open Space was not being done right?”  to sharing how very impactful this process is for these times. It was an inspiring and invigorating exchange.

Harold reported that we had $4491.60 remaining in our account.

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