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Practice of Peace Books

In 2004 the Human Systems Dynamics Institute published a second edition of Harrison Owen's book The Practice of Peace.  In the book Harrison says "peace is a process, not a thing; a journey and not a destination; a flow and not a state.  Peace is the dynamic interrelationship of complex forces (including chaos, conflict, and confusion) productive of wholeness, health, and harmony.  The Practice of Peace is the intentional creation of the requisite conditions under which Peace may occur."  The book includes many insights and stories about peace as well as the power of self-organization and Open Space.
The Human Systems Dynamics Institute is no longer in the publishing business and has generously donated their remaining stock of The Practice of Peace, with Harrison's permission, to the US Open Space Institute.  So, we have found ourselves in the distribution business, and we would like to distribute these books globally with your help, since the world is in need of peace now more than ever, and can always use some more Open Space!
We are offering The Practice of Peace paperback books by the box, and each box contains 34 books
One box shipped within the United States will cost $50 per box (including handling and shipping) delivered by the US Post Office Media Mail with a delivery of 6 days.

International orders shipped by US Post Office Priority Mail International with a delivery of 6 to 10 days will cost anywhere from $135. per box to $225 per box (including handling and shipping) depending on your country. Just let us know your destination, and we will email you the exact cost of your order before placing it.

Please note that the books will be available only until December 31st, 2013, and will be shipped only per box of 34. You can order as many boxes as you like until the supply runs out.  For any quotes or questions, please email Linda Stevenson at
Orders and payments can be made through PayPal with the following button:

We hope you're able to help us distribute these books around the globe by the end of the year - what great holiday gifts!
Thank you,
The US Open Space Institute Board

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