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OSI-US Board meeting

Meeting Date: 
18 Jul 2011

Present: Peggy, Harold, Ed, Barry, Doug, Lisa, Suzanne, Karen, Christine, Phelim, Lisa

Absent: all were present

Notes-taker: Lisa Heft


Moment of silence, then individual check-ins.



Annual Report Filing - Suzanne


Thanks to Suzanne who has filed the report. She made copies of everything and also changed the address to her address. This can be changed if there is some other way it should read. Peggy’s instructions were very helpful.  


Action: Harold will create a space for these items on the OSI-US website.  


Discussion about the filing deadline - which is every year at the end of July - versus the officers’ election, which we did last in January. Because we did this, we do have a current group of officers. Doug recommended electing officers each January as a way to have time enough to do it - even giving us a few meetings if we need them to assemble a quorum for this task.


Agreement: Elections will be each January or as soon thereafter as it is possible to meet as a full group.


Logo - Peggy


Everyone received the revised designs.  Some colors having been changed and ‘US’ has been added. If we are happy with the general look we can pick the color that works for us and the designer will give us a version that can be used for letterhead, website and other uses. Some discussion exploring how it looks for / is received by business and government folks - one of our interests in thinking about logos overall - as we share more about Open Space across different disciplines and an audience broader than people who already are familiar with Open Space. Some discussion about the color gradation working well, also the crispness that is probable in the completed version (versus the copies we are sharing for our mutual review). Discovery that there are not the same number of toes on each feet in the logo.


Agreement to go with #8, thank and pay the designer, and live with it a little over time to see how it feels and settles in. 


Agreement to have a smaller group work on this if further work is to be done.


Action: Peggy will follow up with the designer. 


Inviting Kai Degner to the Board - Lisa, Peggy


Agreement: Kai would be a wonderful addition and that this is an exciting idea.


Action: Peggy will contact him and will copy us on that.  be happy to do that and will copy everybody in the process of doing that. 


OSI UK & WOSonOS 2012 - Phelim


Phelim is trying to schedule getting out of rehearsals in New York to attend a few days of WOSonOS Chile in October - to make the invitation to the UK in 2012. Some discussion of Host Teams past present and future, the nature and tasks of their work, and their dynamics as teams.


Using Skype for our monthly calls


This call was a test of using Skype (plus conference call telephone line as needed) for our  monthly meeting. Much appreciation for Harold and Suzanne for setting up and helping us work with this technology before and during our meeting. This call had an additional challenge in that some were able to access Skype (from their desks, from being on the road) and some not - creating a need for use of dual technology (phone for most of us with the addition of Skype / screen for most of us - at the same time), which was a bit difficult with delay and sound factors. Bravo/a to all of us for 'hanging in there' during this good experiment.


Closing word shower


Gratitude    Perseverance    Excellence    Simplicity    Electricity    Birth    Trusting    Moving


Next meeting time and date:


Agreement: Next meeting Aug 15 same time of day / night.




[Note from Lisa: remember our recommendation to ourselves during our April 2011 Board retreat to drop anything from the Bin that has not had movement for 3 months. The following Bin has not yet been adjusted to update as per this recommendation - perhaps this will be a good thing to quickly review at the start of our next meeting]


Remaining in Bin:


Logo - any updates? - Peggy


Inviting Kai Degner to the Board - updates? - Peggy


Haiti donation status 


Bin Gardener Each Meeting (also discuss recommendation for 3 months' presence in the Bin for items)


Next Meeting Time


Downloadable audio for Understanding OS - Harold


Learning Map - Harold


Teleconference for OSI-US Membership in Feb/Mar 2010 - Harold


Clarify the focusing question Open Space Manifest-ing - Harold 


Convene call about the OS US Web site (Government w/Ed; Corp w/Suzanne) - Christine


Schedule meeting to draft the Open Space Manifest-ing Invitation, design a process for inviting - Harold & Doug


Host a clean-up of WIkipedia OST entry - Harold


Revise the about page – Peggy, Harold & Lisa review


What guidelines do we adopt for what per percentage of our funds go to any one project?



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