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June 2011

Meeting Date: 
20 Jun 2011

Present: Harold Shinsato, Barry Owen, Karen Davis, Lisa Heft, Suzanne Daigle, Doug Germann, Phelim McDermott, Ed LaBoy
Absent: Peggy Holman

Silent meditation - 2 minutes - 2:10 pm pacific

Suzanne lead the meeting:

Logo Meeting
Peggy worked with the artist. Suzanne attended the meeting and enjoyed the conversation. We went over the different proposals that had been sent to each of the board members through email. The general consensus was towards the logo with six feet, the tribal version, although there was some concern that it looked a little busy.

Haiti Donation
The money was sent. Lisa will make an attempt at communicating with John Engle and Fremy.

Skype Premium
Skype Premium is purchased- anyone can use it just to test it even beyond OSI-US business. Just send a note out to list when you are going to use it.

OSI-US Website
Ed will convene a call about the OSI US website with a government focus. Suzanne will convene one with corporate as the focus. Several meetings so far have of meetings have been canceled so there is no progress to report.

The organizers of the UK WOSonOS in 2012 are meeting tomorrow for the first wosonos steering committee. There is discussion of whether they form a UK OS Institute.

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