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Board Proceedings March 2016

Meeting Date: 
21 Mar 2016

Board Proceedings from 21 March 2016

In attendance were Karen J. Davis, Harold Shinsato, and Tricia Chirumbole


- Peace and High Performance 2016
- OSI Purpose
- Replace President
- OS Definition/Description

Peace & High Performance

Good news - a little over $2K surplus. One of the things in the future - looking more at what that means for us financially. What do we want to do with that?

The research piece is the really important one to regroup on. I like the idea of putting the money into that. For Karen. There was much more time and energy put in this year than in the past. I'm hoping in the future not to putting in as much effort. Liked that it is what the OSI is about.

Tricia - Great to hear that we made a profit. Like what I am hearing about potential ways to move forward with that. Proceeds from the event. Did you envision as something collectively held by the OSI? Is there other support you hope for in the future?

Karen - In terms of original - there were a couple of us who just felt it was important for people to get together to learn about Open Space. There was never the intent of making money. We lost money. And often what was happening, split it among Harrison and Debora Gilbert and Ralph Copelman. That was never more than a couple hundred. These last two years we have been making some. More people are able to pay. A place where people may not have another opportunity. There was a lot of underwriting of people participating. There was a shift in the financial side of it. In terms of the time and energy, our getting the registration up and in the way that it was clear and understood and not duplicating efforts. There is an effort to support people finding places to stay, working around people being here. That was taking a lot of energy in juggling. There are the decisions that need to be made in terms of the contract and the agreements with International House and the catering operations. There were new variables for a new vendor. And a new leadership in International House. When we may have the space next time. We have to wait until July or August to confirm the dates. International House has preferences. Hold the faith and hold the vision. We're beginning to work out - this being the second year in a collaborative way.

The technology added this year - to get information needed - had to go to 2-4 different places instead of it all being together.

OSI Purpose

Maybe engage some people in research. Paul Levy. He is associated with a University. There are definitely some other people interested.

In depth interviews. Various things with it. For whatever reasons - large clients. They're not really statistically sample sizes in the commercial or public sector for everything they do. Focus groups. Open Space. Innovation section. Iterative processes. More for integrating large numbers of stakeholders products. We'll do coding for meaning making. You code them and group them. And then summary statistics.

Larry Peterson - had to do with research. One of the earliest Doctoral Dissertations.

Possibly convene a conversation with people on the OSList. A research conversation.

Maybe have brochures available for Agile 2016

Karen - have some individual dialogs with other people on the board. Even have another look for when to commit to meet together to continue this conversation.

Conversation - kick off the open space hotline- invite the people to talk for 2-5 minutes. Ask a few key people. Michael Hermann started getting on. It's a good idea. It could even be monthly.

Sweet note from Marie Nelson. How much she valued coming on the hotline even if she hasn't been there.

Replace the President

Although Suzanne Daigle has wanted to step down as president, we did not feel we had sufficient attendance to address this.

OST - Description/Definition

Authority - don't think we should have the authority to define Open Space. We should find a way to co-create it with the community. Identify our purpose.

Doesn't have to be a convergent description.
Can be divergent.
A More Beautiful Question.

If we could include in the conversation - questioning the lower case "open space".

On the hotline - has the thing about purpose.

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