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Board Minutes October 2011

Meeting Date: 
25 Oct 2011

Present: Christine, Suzanne, Harold, Doug

Harold - occupy missoula

Christine - our business together - interesting so many skills in many methodologies - think they know what Open Space is. What is and isn't open space. Continue to promote the importance of this form especially at this time. Plugged into what's happening in the spiritual evolutionaries - for a very long time - this big shift is coming - and now here it is. Barbara Marx Hubbard - 14K other people. Other people interested in what can we do now? It's another example no one is talking about what methods to engage people - talking about the skills needed to progress in evolutionary development - figure out how to plug in without trying to take it on as it's our to do - very interested in that. Hoping to reconnect about the language as that is getting more critical. I'm in.

Suzanne - Just got in late last night - I thank you Harold Occupy time there - world cafe' and open space about a book by Brene' Brown - global conversation - free event - about 200 people - going to be doing it in open space - doing it - Harrison talked - everywhere and anywhere don't know where to start- very intense time - time to Harrison 1:1 4-6 hours - and he was in Chile' - wonderful - however, he is much leading a team, sensed impatience - so much effort put into the preparation and planning - there's important work to be done- it's not the way of open space - much more simple than that - we're all on the same page in that regard. Needing to rest and get ready. Come back with that - Tuscany - president - group of 22. I had a real intimate view on the line - couple spouses - mid size businesses. They do not seem to have top of mind or top of spirit the shift that we're talking about. Very addicted to their own work and their role in that work. But it is not part of their regular world, nor part of their regular thought processes. Is not working as well - successess that they get are a little empty and they're on a treadmill. The other thing - made me reflect on the OSI board and the role that we play in a non-formal way but it is very important. It implies to Karen - what she had done - Lisa - part of the tribe in South America - feel she represents us. Conversation November 20.

Gone full out in Landmark - because it to be so powerful - connected to Open Space - prepare to do the work - not in the shadows of myself. With others and for others.

Christine will send out note for the next meeting time November 21.

Occupy & OST

1500 communities around the world. A symptom of something wanting to happen. San Diego - Raffi - attempts at bringing Open Space. We met in a circle in Occupy Missoula, but still not having used OST. Lot of presence of homeless and additions especially alcoholism.

Chile WOSonOS

Someone brought some different kinds of instruments to create a way to experience other than through language - tubes, 90 minutes, kind of long. Harrison stayed 10 minutes and then he left. Waiting to go back to San Diego - he was a little tired - understandably so - why are putting all this effort - I keep harping about that - it shouldn't be this complicated. It's supposed to be easier. There is the simplicity. Having an intention and trusting the process. The facilitators, to do that inner work. Which is personal work, would help meditation. Just before the closing circle - some bowls that sounded like bells, you could feel the vibrational - closing circle, palpably beautiful and very strong and Suzanne commented - that was amazing. Just sharing this because it gives you a sense - many beautiful things.

No one in Chile talked about Occupy - Christine - most of the meetings were in Spanish - in Chile', it's not quite the same as it is in other places. Students are in their equivalent in occupy requesting that education be more available and accessible. Combo of private and public- sit in strike almost a year. On the day that we were leaving were going to be some big demonstrations. Very frustrating - seemed to think that the government and status quo. Only the big reference that I am referencing to Occupy. Most of the meetings were held in Spanish. Most people spoke spanish - some things in English - many times having their own discussions.

The importance of the hoop - understanding the intent of the process - and not be caretaking - trusting - that the process can hold this - I really felt that I came out - just kind of went along with the flow - very good flow for the most part - some spurts - I just wish I had used my two feet. And by doing that how committed I am to certain things - participating in watering down something that is very powerful and strong. In holding the space. And honoring. There is a lot.

When in Rome - 200K people, wasn't thinking Open Space when I was there - too young - in the bliss that there was space being opened for talking to be heard - for people to speak. Well organized. Burnt cars - didn't see bank windows broken - did feel at times that this - someone could drop a bomb this could be aweful - bad vibes being chased and shoed away. Mainstream wanted to be heard. I wasn't even thinking Open Space while I was there. Just wanted to hear those topics, no space and place - see pensioners - saw students - and young people - two degrees and no jobs

Doug- there's truth to what you're saying - interviewed people - specifically - journalistic hat - it felt like I was opening up space for them - there's not that much space - it did make a difference - went to buy something - these two young women - so maturely - so coherently - we want you to have it - warmed my heart that there were some people chasing bad guys away - when I was in Chile' - where I'm still confused about this - the people were immediately happy to be together they were happy and hugging, kissing, haven't danced like that in I don't know how long - enjoyed being together and being in life together - the meeting each other that felt so wonderful and the release and there were tears as there often is in the end - sobbing tears of people that were having things emerge in them. You could just feel it. Felt like that place needed to honored - didn't feel it an honored - but there was other stuff happening. Other things happening - people taking care of each other - we wouldn't have - someone from Chile' just gone back and was at the airport and the Republican Convention - hugest drought - watering their lawns - involved in Open Space and Permaculture - oh gosh - shoot me now - haven't been back - more despairing than the poor places in Africa. So this is not a joyful note.

Christine - witnessing - deepening inside of ourselves- this is what have called - women have been highly successful in their roles in the community - in their roles - such a longing to connect with their purpose in life and they are coming back and asking for more because of the depth of the experience not because of what they are doing in the world - the focus of what they're doing - some have left their jobs - there is a tremendous need for this - there is some stuff to help small groups and smaller groups and a dream of mine to integrate that into the large scale work - and from time to time experienced it - and I agree it has a lot to do with the consciousness of the facilitator and the container is created that may or may not have to do with the official opening of the space - the other thing I want to say is that I believe part of this shift that we're in is that jobs as we've known them have been part of a cycle that is going out. That we are railing against the reality of the global economy we're still looking for people to point the finger at - not that there's not some validity in all of that - the grief in letting go of what is passing and opening to new forms. Pretty stuck in the upset around the old form.

Wherever we are opening space - we are contributing to occupy wallstreet and all the adjoining cities. It is such a good movement that it can feel very overwhelming. Rush with the buckets and go with the fires. Holding the space spiritually and talking with people and allowing and hearing. That brings some closure for me to express this.

Deep Nature Connection

Birgitt's work is right up this alley - integrating - quite grounded. Not a genuine contact person. Quite a few friends are. Just taken the Native America medicine wheel. And many of us have - came out of a spiritual place. A deep connection - don't have to talk about it. Very much embedded in open space. And very much one facilitator more powerful whether are sourcing what they do from another space. Opening up themselves as a channel.

An awful lot of the story - circles is one of the primary practices is being taught to all the girls - we have a little hand out that we designed out several years ago - circle practices - linked it to the circle practices that have always been in place - seeing each others eyes - and all the things that Harrison has talked about. Doug- as you were talking about this, Harold, I don't know how many Charles Eisestein - The Ascent of Humanity - if you go to can get the book chapter by chapter. He shares a thesis that seems to be the separation of human beings one from the other - from nature - and I was hearing a great deal of that when you were talking about wilderness and awareness and connection to the land - Eisestein talks alot about hunter gatherer - they were living in the world which was abundant and provided everything they needed and how things changed when we went towards agriculture and put up fences things - not to blame that as being the problem or going back, that it was inevitable that we would do that - but we have to move past that - a lot of the same themes moving through that. One of the things that I got out of a chapter or subchapter - suggested it - one of the things I'm seeing that Open Space and all conversational methods turn people into being producers of light as opposed to consumers. Circle conversations, people are in charge of their life and of the meeting and making decisions, and no longer mere spectators and not consumers, part of what is going on in open space, we've just shifted the ground from under their feet, not just receiving what they are receiving .

They are creating something. They are creating new - those are two powerful - deep nature connection is woven deeply in all of that.

On a continuum what is now - people living in isolation - dealing with emotions - job security - how people are working really hard and we think of nature and the native communities - everything they have to teach - such a wide divide - little things that are important - why is it in other cultures - families out in parks in nature out doings - not seeing - not the same - have witnessed people who are laughing singing are in a more joyful space - and somehow when people connect from a place that has joy - this is why it is so attractive - Brene' Brown = the power of vulnerability - to be ourselves to let go of the things we thought we were supposed to be - pathway of OST to get to the deeper stuff - for many of us it's not even in reach - they will be happy = get this or get that. We're all coming to terms - how off the mark - and we can find peace in nature - in communities. Feel myself drawn to those simple things - as a smile in conversation - before I can go as far - in Chile' - important native people that there - presence at the closing - this is not mainstream.

Sono Hashisaki - possible board member.

If I hadn't met Open Space - there is something OST under the surface of it all - it's a theme of possibility - that people rally to - connected to action to outcome - otherwise no one would come - what happens under the auspices under it when we are together - and we find ourselves - Suzanne's path has mirrored Harold's. To sit in a circle the first time. Dutiful citizen - corporate - good deeds and enabling a whole bunch of stuff. What we have out there. We need to breathe possibility as well - from the despair - have to trust - when we find each other - we find our neighbors and co-workers - and see possibilities in things that we can do - in this the human spirit - it's even hard to discuss this when there are homeless - won't be able to do anything if I come from that place. A step at a time even if it's not convenient - not congruent to living life vibrantly - the men in North America would hug their children. The Pinochet years were not that long ago. Nobody was hugging anybody. The reality 30 years ago was different. The value of hugging around the breakfast table. In their families what it means - levels not expected. Other lands that are different.

Evolution of Human Consciousness

Normal witching hour. Christine - put a placeholder to continue the conversation - a little bit. The folks who have been tuned that are predicted to occur in 2012 and the current state of the human consciousness have been at it since 1970's, from own fields and persepctives - in the mystery realm. How we can take the evolutionary leap that humanity is ready to take? Spiral Dynamics - if everyone would take the leap - still having the common world view - but just imagine if just everyone went to the next level.

Singularity (Geek Apocalypse)

This was from Harold. The Singularity is the concept of exponential trends in technology, especially Moore's law where computing power doubles every 2-3 years as well as getting cheaper, will eventually lead to such a dramatic shift that we can no longer project what is beyond the point where the curve of advances goes nearly vertical in time. Some believe that consciousness will be transported into computers, or that a new form of life will emerge from technology that will displace humanity. These ideas are taken seriously in Silicon Valley and in much of the intelligentsia around software and computing. It is sometimes called the Geek Apocalypse because it does have a similar ring as to coming to the "end times", the end of the world as we know it. And it also in many ways is similar to what so many of us are sensing in terms of a big shift coming very soon.

Each Open Space that he has been part of - a community which allows for possibilities to think out of the box - continue to do this - allow this facilitation - to be free internally - to be free spiritually - to understand because you've been alive 50 years - doesn't give you a right to be better than anyone else - a way we can communicate and be with each other - 2-300 years ago - jobs with money- the better job - made more money - people need to work - but don't need to make money - we can barter - we can do as the Native Americans have done. This is not my land this is everyone's land. We're approaching this - we're going to have to think differently - move up 2-3 rungs quickly - so we can allow ourselves to be human again. I always say that OST is like magic - in it - after awhile you see humanity - see 20 people looking at each other and hearing each other and trying to understand each other. As opposed to sitting in front of a blackboard and no one listens to anybody. Very encourages about what heard about the Chilean OST. Open Space allows us to hug each other. Let's do more of it!

It's like childbirth. We're going to deliver a baby - that's where there is the deepest pain and the greatest possibility - secure and cozy and comfy and aren't we glad were aren't there. Willis Harmon's Global Mind Change. When people were totally unconscious. The Spirit of Leadership. The Practice of Peace. A lot of this stuff. It has tons of it. Resonate and feel comfort that open space came about that was there. So ... in the simplicity of our lives. The planet needs to heal - only heal when we connect with each other. How we feel about the animals and the birds. Christine going out in nature all the time - be more in nature like you're doing. Holding space - shifting consciousness.

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