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Board Minutes November 2015

Meeting Date: 
16 Nov 2015

In attendance: Suzanne Daigle, Linda Stevens, Karen Davis, Kevin O'Brien, Daniel Mezick, Harold Shinsato

There was small attendance at the last meeting.

Drop in birthday party

We did a dry run with Harrison Owen, Lucas Cioffe, and Michael Herman. Harrison didn't stay long. They were able to do a bit of online art together. Lucas and Michael have been charming to work with. It went smoothly and quickly, announcement went out. Suzanne has sent out personal invitations over the weekend. Anne Stadler got really involved. Lucas is really appreciative that we're able to test this. We are going to send a cheat sheet and a reminder. I've been getting lovely notes from around the world. There are some other people, put the International House event together. A little request, Lucas never brought any of this up. If we get 100 people, different times in the day. Can I help the OSI to help out. It's a big event. Well, if they'd like to give $50. We vote to send up to $200 expenses.

International House

Susan Baskerfield - had a lengthy chat about Frederik Laloux's work. Suzanne suggested she just come to New York. Susan just wanted to know more about the housing. Suzanne spoke to a number of others. For registration information, she will wait until she get the registration page link. It will be Martin Luther King weekend as ususal.

This gets very complicated. International House needs to know each person in each room. Handling the logistics of that is a bit challenging. Suzanne is willing to take that on like she did last year. We don't have International House information on the invitation. Karen holds the full financial responsibility to provide support to anyone who has limited financial ability. Karen can use discounting and even making the event free at her discretion. Be sure you cover your costs. Karen's not doing that to make money. If we have more than 45 people, then we could shift to another space. Then it costs $3000 a day. We accidentally got access to that room one year. Those are issues that are up in the air.

Have a face to face after the International House event. Suzanne mentioned how exhausted we all were after the last event. We decided not to hold one.


Lucas offered QiqoChat for online Open Space events. We could use it for conversations with Anne Stadler, as Suzanne Daigle suggested for a "front porch chat" format. Regular occasions until we have qiqochat 24/7. That's part of Lucas' vision. If you have an annual meeting and use QiqoChat - it gives us an opportunity to use it.

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