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Board Minutes May 2018

Meeting Date: 
15 May 2018

Attendees: Karen Davis, Kevin O’Brien, Barry Owen, Mark Sheffield, Harold Shinsato

Next meeting: 19 June 2018

1st order of business. The board voted unanimously to make Barry Owen an official member.

1st discussion topic: Website hacked

Our website was hacked about 4/18/2018, sending website visitors to a warning page saying that their computer had been broken into (a lie), and that they should call a special phone number. Daniel Mezick discovered this on 4/22/18. Harold fixed it as soon as he could that same day. Harold also changed all the passwords, and reset all user passwords, and changed our website to use https (secured version of http). The next day Harold also updated the website software to secure it from all known security issues.

Harold has communicated with all members (from ; may have appeared as spam.

2nd discussion topic: Identify interested and engaged users and weed out the rest. (Cultivate the list)

Give a note to people "if we don't hear from you by this date, we'll assume you aren't interested in being a member." Keep them as contacts; flag everyone as getting this message, and when they respond.

Action: Message: Invite members, newsletter, donations, membership list. Also mention the hack.

Contact the member list via physical mail after 2-3 emails with no response? (approx.. 700 on list; only 100 or so members)

Harold made new "Membership communication" card in Trello for tracking progress on this item.

3rd discussion topic: WOSonOS 2018

Kari Gunnarsson has asked for help in planning and promoting WOSonOS 2018. OSI-US can do promotion, fundraising, marketing to increase exposure and supplement the one invitation that has been issued.

We can put a link on website when Kari is ready. We discussed the possibility of Facebook advertising (approx. $50). Also LinkedIn advertising & blog posts for tweeting.

We need to get WOSonOS publicity happening before next meeting.

The board authorized $50 for adverts (Harold). Mark will follow up with Kari.

4th discussion topic: WOSonOS 2019 in the USA (25th WOSonOS)

Karen is considering sites: is a possible location, close to Harrison's residence. Harrison & Suzanne are enthusiastic. The WOSonOS community tends to decide the host country. Possible alternatives to hosting a WODonOS include: regional OS. Be prepared to extend a creative invitation to host 2019 in Iceland 2018.

5th discussion topic: Sponsoring Agile Open SoCal (Harold)

Agile Open SoCal is September 13-14. One of the organizers (Larry Lawhead) approached Harold about sponsorship. The lowest rung of sponsorship is $500. We would have a chance to make "a short pitch" on day 1, and bring materials and SWAG. Registration begins May 29. Expected attendance is 175. Sponsorship drive ends beginning of July.

Board approved $500 sponsorship.

6th discussion topic: Creating a “State of Open Space” survey

We're thinking of designing a scientifically based survey to understand the state of Open Space practice. Harold is willing to develop a one-page document to describe the idea coherently.

The idea is prompted by the book Accelerate, which documents using statistical methods to analyze results of valid survey questions. Potentially the Institute could produce an annual "State of Open Space" survey/report.

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