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Board Minutes June 2018

Meeting Date: 
19 Jun 2018

In attendance: Harold, Kevin, Karen, Mark, Tricia, Linda

Moment, Check-ins, Bin

1. GDPR: EU citizens, opportunity to request copy of all data, to request all data deleted, must ensure data is up to date and correct – fines can be levied.

a. Subject to EU regulations even though not citizens of EU

b. Compliance: Need a privacy notice on the About page

c. Send to everyone updated privacy policy and the ability to opt out

d. Benefit to be listed – currently have to unclick in order to not be listed

e. Mark willing to research on privacy notice and notifications

f. Put in same letter to members or potential OSI members

2. WOSonOS 2018 in Iceland

a. Don’t think we should issue invitation or letter, especially talking about Kari’s health challengesb. Don’t have ideas about who could take control of registration questions

c. We could help with outreach and inviting directly OST influencers and thought leaders, and attendees in general – discuss options and channels: OSA, Genuine Contact, a number of individuals that each member agrees to contact.

d. Don’t think we can assist with securing a local point of contact in Iceland for assisting with information and logistics

e. Question about how easy it is to edit the website and how to drive traffic via this channel

f. Can assist with organizing an additional zoom call – Harold volunteered

g. May reach out to a group of about 18 people who showed up for a series of previous Zoom calls related to the upcoming WOSonOS – energize people to co-create an amazing event and encourage people to come.

i. Mark has list of participants and contact information – sent to Kari

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