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Board Minutes January 2018

Meeting Date: 
21 Jan 2018

Figures from International House: overall 58 people were involved and half of the people had been there at some point in the past


Financial side

Roughly half recieve some sort of discount on the admissions fee. The institute fully cover the fee for some individuals.

With the number of paying attenddess, the institute will have nice surplus again


At International House, they didn’t have our breakfast available on Saturday morning. We received apologies and embarrassment from them 


The costs at IHouse is staying the same which will enable us to go there again next year.


In the feedback Karen received, one of the participants said they never going to miss another OS ant IH.


The money side and discounts

With Kuri who is from Iceland

A full gratis no charge for the registration


We might provide some direct money to Iceland to the board


Jane Lewis from Taiwan was the first one to register for WOSONOS

At least one person who is willing to be on the board. That is Barry Owen.


Barry is interested in setting up an open space center in Nashville


Everything you don’t want to know about OST.


We already know everything we need to know. And house a usual gathering would occur 


Kari was very interested in hearing about Daniel Mezick 

Open Space Online program


The board might want to help Daniel promote his online program.


Harold feels that WOSONOS 2018 is going to be pivotal for OS


Daniel asked the question about who we should not invite to try and simulate a discussion around having a diverse group.

Younger business folks. 


Amy Chen from China is a student in NYC. Jose is thinking of opening an OS in Manhattan. He was very clear about money not being an issue. Wants to make it totally accessible. Pay what you want. 


Remote talks we gained some lessons. Test the record button well before. Make sure to hit the right one. Or make a commitment to edit out some of the dead space at the beginning. 


Have Harrison on a robot that could drive around the event. Kevin found one for $2000 but there might be cheaper ones as well. 


Some of the practice facilitators did not seem to respect the law of two feet when they were inviting folks to do certain activites in the circle.


Next year extend a similar invitation to whoever is hosting the WOSONOS


We did add the Facebook connection to the Book of Proceedings


Promote the open space like Suzanne Daigle

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