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April 2013 Board Proceedings

Meeting Date: 
14 Apr 2013

Present: Suzanne, Karen, Doug, Harold, Chuni

Start time 5:30 pm EDT

Started with 2 minutes of silence, followed by checkins.

Harold facilitated the meeting and was Bin Gardener; Doug took notes.

The Board unanimously voted for, invited, and welcomed Linda Stevenson as our newest board member.

The Treasurer reported that we have approximately $9,351.75 + 607.06 in our treasury, of which we owe the 2013 WOSonOS team approximately $5,897.72, leaving us with a net treasury of about $4,061.09.

The Board examined and considered a request from Haiti Partners to assist three of its OST practitioners to attend this year's WOSonOS in Florida. The Board agreed to provide funding to Haiti Partners of $1,500.00 for the purpose of helping one or more to attend.

The Treasurer reported some glitches with Bank of America getting pass through funds to reimburse Suzanne Daigle and Diane Gibeault for their efforts for a training. The Treasurer will continue to work on this.

The Board meeting in Florida will be somewhere in the St. Pete environs, at a place to be determined by our President.

The official annual membership meeting will be held sometime during WOSonOS, at a session to be hosted by our Treasurer. In advance of this Harold will prepare our annual letter to members, requesting donations and inviting people to the annual meeting.

The meeting concluded with a lively conversation around the infrastructure for OST and ways to spread OST, with an emphasis on technological means.

End time: 7:30 pm EDT.

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